You’re Wanting to Learn MMA Or Getting Ready to Start Your First MMA Class

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* Get a mouth piece. You would like to keep your teeth, right?

* Get a cup. Unless you want to have your balls squished you really need one.

* If you wear a T-shirt to roll, be sure it’s fitted and not all baggy. It sucks to get your arm or foot caught in someone’s baggy T-shirt

* Cut your finger and toe nails. Nothing like rolling with someone who leaves you looking like you had a fight with a cat.

* Shower before you go. Nothing that pisses people of more at a class then someone who smells!

* Obviously shower after you go.

* Listen more than you talk – but don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

* Be humble and check your ego at the door.

* Learn technique before you start trying to use too much muscle.

* Keep in mind, chances are VERY high you WILL lose the majority of the time you roll….for a while.

* The bruising will lighten up over time.

* If you have ANY MA background, keep it too yourself…if you say “well I took (enter MA name here)”, people are going to have a higher expectation of you to live up to. IMHO, you’re better off coming in and not saying anything.

* Don’t show up in sprawl fight shorts, a tapout rash guard, under a UFC t-shirt, wearing WEC gloves, with a custom UFC mouth piece on your first day, it doesn’t make you look better. It makes you look silly

* A good thing to know as well is the basic stances and moves in the martial art you are going to be starting off with. You can find most of these on YouTube and have a general variation of moves and/or positions. I know it would have taken me awhile longer to catch on to Jiu-Jitsu if I didn’t already know what a guard, half guard, mount, side control, etc. was. has all of this information.

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