Why is Pheromone Replacement Necessary?

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Human pheromones are naturally occurring hormones secreted by your body onto the surface of your skin. What is secreted is a blend of hormones, the majority of which are andostenes or copulins. Each person secretes his or her own blend of several hormones in a formula, or “signature”, that is unique to them. Ideally, our pheromones should be secreted at high levels and should be left to build up on the surface of our skin. In proper amounts, pheromones communicate information about ourselves to the people around us, such as our mood, our intellectual dominance, or our sexual receptivity. Pheromones are responsible for creating that magnetism, charisma, or sexual allure that others “see” in us and are attracted to.

When our pheromones are not present on our skin in adequate amounts, their subconscious affects on others are not realized. We do not project our mood or personality to others clearly, we do not engage their attention as completely, and we do not leave as lasting of an impression. When we see men and women who attract others to themselves, who easily convince us to adopt their ideas, or are particularly desired by the opposite sex, it is likely that they are naturally high pheromone producers or are using pheromone sprays. When we work, socialize, or date without an adequate presence of pheromones, we don’t effectively exude confidence, compel others to agree with us, or sexually attract the mates we desire. In this situation, it is hard to compete with high pheromone producers in both our working and social lives. There are a number of reasons why you may be among the majority who require pheromone replacement:

You are biologically insufficient.

Just as not all of us are born with perfect complexions, not everyone produces pheromones in optimal amounts. Pheromone production among men and women falls within a large range, with only a small percentage of people making enough pheromone (or more than they need) to benefit from their subconscious effects. The same biological variation that exists between a person who is short and one who is tall is present when comparing the pheromone production of two people. This is why many of us feel as though we are lacking a certain “something” that someone else has.

You don’t sweat enough, or you cleanse too thoroughly.

Pheromones are secreted from our sweat glands and in the oils of the sebaceous glands that reside deep in the pores of our body. Higher amounts of pheromones are released in our armpit and pubic areas. When we produce more sweat, for example when exercising or when sexually aroused, pheromone secretion increases and sends stronger signals to those around us. Some of us may naturally sweat very little, while others (because of work or illness) live sedentary lives that don’t give us the opportunity to sweat. In these instances, the presence of pheromones on the skin is insufficient. Additionally, modern culture is particularly concerned with hygiene, and it is not uncommon for people to shower or bathe multiple times in one day. Because of this, even the most active men and women are lacking optimal amounts of pheromones because they wash thoroughly after generating sweat. Unless you are a naturally high pheromone producer, our cleanly culture does not allow for the adequate deposit and build up of pheromones on your skin layer.

You use deodorant or antiperspirant.

If you are someone who generates a lot of sweat or body odor, chances are pretty good that you are masking it with a deodorant or antiperspirant. If this is the case, you are also masking the effects of the pheromones you are giving off. While it is oftentimes necessary to control our foul odor or prevent our shirts from soiling through at our workplace, in doing so we sacrifice the positive effects of the pheromones we are producing. Deodorants and antiperspirants can break down pheromones or block pores from issuing the sweat and oils that carry our pheromones to the surface of our skin. Again, this can easily be corrected by replacing missing pheromones with a pheromone spray.

You have had laser hair removal or shave frequently.

Not only does the hair on our bodies contribute to our body heat and sweat production (as in our armpits and pubic areas), it also serves to carry secretions in our pores up to the surface of our skin. Hair is a vital delivery system for the moisturizing oils and pheromones that our glands produce. When we shave frequently or eliminate hair altogether, we cut off this delivery system. Laser hair removal has become widely popular and has provided an esthetic solution for those with unwanted hair. Unfortunately, the treatment also removes the means by which pheromones are efficiently delivered to the surface of the skin. This is particularly detrimental in areas such as the armpits and pubic areas, where many people choose to get laser hair removal and where the largest amounts of pheromone are secreted. If you have had any type of laser hair treatment or shave frequently, pheromone replacement will be necessary to overcome this side effect.

How Pheromone Replacement Works

While it is true that you cannot replace your exact pheromone signature, you can produce the same subconscious effects using a supplemental pheromone spray. One of the most intriguing aspects of pheromone science is that any particular pheromone will always produce the same effect in any person exposed to it. That means that you can choose the subconscious signal you want to send by choosing a pheromone spray containing the hormones that produce that effect. If you want to project an image of intellectual dominance to aid you in your career aspirations, there is a particular hormone combination in spray form that can compliment your image in this way. If you wish to attract sexual partners by enhancing your allure and making you more memorable after encounters, there is likewise a pheromone spray that can help you.

Ultimately, pheromone replacement helps you in both your work and social life by enhancing your influence and impression on others. Pheromone sprays send the signals you want to project, and produce immediate results that can dramatically affect your lifestyle. Preparations in your work and social life should include a pheromone replacement spray if you wish to have maximum impact and achieve your goals.

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