Why Are Men’s Sweaters So Popular?

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The fall and winter times are quickly approaching, and sweaters are reappearing in every man’s wardrobe. Why are sweaters so popular? Simply because sweaters are the easiest choices of clothing for the cold weather. They are versatile and quite fashionable when pieced together along with the rest of the wardrobe. Quite often, women like to knit sweaters for men during the Holidays in order to show affection since they take tons of effort and time to make. Surprisingly, men usually do not wear sweaters only during the winter time, but often throughout the year as well due to their comfort and richness of texture that can make any ensemble clean cut. Whether you are looking for the next perfect sweater for yourself, or you’re simply interested in finding another one for a friend or loved one, this guide is for you.

Let’s go over the few basic styles of sweaters:

Men’s Sweater Vest: ideal for a casual chilly day. This piece of clothing can be worn either for a regular day or as another piece in a semi formal outfit. Usually, they are paired with a dress shirt which adds style and charm to the whole outfit due to their unique shape and often brightness of colors.

Cashmere Sweaters: the most popular kind of sweater for men and women. These can be found in every style of sweaters, such as V-neck or perhaps turtle neck, and they can fit into almost any occasion. Whether it is to watch TV on a Sunday night or attend a wine tasting event, cashmere sweaters will create the look for you. The very fabric itself, cashmere, is one of the most luxurious choices due to the extreme softness and the versatility of the material, not to mention how touchable they are. In order to save you some money and also create an ideal wardrobe, I would suggest go with neutral colors when investing in the first few cashmere sweaters. Colors such as black and gray can be easily pieced with jeans or khaki pants to look sharp and stylish without going overboard.

V-neck Pullovers: these are popular choices among men due to the casual feel. These are comfortable and perfect for days of relaxing in the house or going out for a walk. These are versatile and can be pieced with tees or polos along with jeans for a very casual look. To look a bit more formal, they can be worn over a dress shirt and paired with slacks. Some men would prefer crew-neck over v-neck which is completely fine. It is just a personally choice, but usually crew neck sweaters provide an even more casual look.

Turtleneck Sweaters: These are usually worn only during the fall or winter times. These are extremely stylish if they are worn correctly, or they can create a dull look if not. Usually, the best choice for these is to match it under a suit jacket or a leather jacket so that it is casual enough to wear with jeans or khakis. Some prefer a chunkier cable-knit style to pair with casual slacks as well. Turtlenecks should be worn when it is well fitted with the body so that it doesn’t look sloppy. They usually hug the body well so if you have a slightly heavier physique, try to avoid them since they will only accentuate on the not-so-perfect areas.

Cardigans: If you are rather young and reading this, then you are probably wondering why in the world you would choose a cardigan considering it is something older men chooses. That is wrong! Modern cardigans, usually made out of either cotton, wool, or cashmere, are rather very fashionable! They are thin and breathable so that you can wear one underneath a jacket and not add heaviness or bulkiness to your overall ensemble. They look great when layering, and there are countless ways to pair them, whether it is a simple tee, a dress shirt, or under a blazer.

Polo Sweaters: I personally have never thought much of polo sweaters, but it seems that within the recent years, many have began to choose these for the summer times. They are usually made with cotton, and they are usually short sleeves, perfect for warmer weather. They are casual enough for a comfortable day at the same time formal enough for a day at the office. They give a more formal look than typical polos but at the same time comfortable and cool enough to wear normally. Many put these as a favorite for the summer.

These are almost all within a complete wardrobe. If you would like to start buying new winter clothing, make sure these musts are definitely there.

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