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Everybody loves Mexican apparel and it is even better when you can buy a lot of it for very cheap from a supplier or wholesaler. But first lets discuss what a Baja shirt and a Mexican hoodie sweater are.

The Baja shirt is usually just referring to a Baja hoodie, which is the same thing as a Mexican hoodie poncho. They are hooded pullover that has a pocket in the front and they are made of acrylic usually. They are manufactured in Mexico and in Spanish they are called a “jerga” or a “franela” meaning rag essentially. The material is very cheap and for that reason you can buy them in bulk for very cheap on the Internet from people that buy straight from Mexico.

The Mexican Baja hoodie is in great demand and they are getting more and more popular each year. The style is coming back and making a big impact on high school kids, college students and even young parents. This Mexican poncho hoodie was once only worn by hippies or drug users and now it is accepted all over. Every class of person is now wearing one of these sweatshirts. They even come in sizes up to a XXXL hoodie for the big people that love this style. They don’t itch even though they look like they would. This is because they come with a nice soft inner lining to make them more comfortable than ever. You can’t find them in stores, they are only available online.

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