Who Loves Cashmere Jumpers?

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If you love wearing jumpers you will adore wearing ones made from luxurious cashmere! A jumper somehow takes on a new meaning if you have a cashmere jumper to wear. After all this is no ordinary woollen jumper, that will pill and bobble and quickly lose its shape. Neither will it cause you to look like you have a dose of fleas as you keep scratching yourself, as the fibre is much softer against the skin and less likely to cause the same level of irritation some people experience with wool.

The other factor with quality cashmere is that after each washing it actually looks better as that lovely soft bloom starts to develop, so rather than feeling you are getting an old jumper out to wear you feel like it is new all over again! How wonderful is that? This being the case you may prefer to be buying more classical styles as you do not want something that will be out of fashion next year. However styles can still be contemporary but without being in your face, so perhaps avoid anything with large stripes, spots or whatever the latest trend happens to be at the time.

You can find companies making stylish cashmere jumpers that will look great on a large age range from late teens upwards. A polo neck cashmere jumper with a slight ribbed knit enables a little more give in the garment and looks wonderful dressed up or down. A simple classic v neck jumper suits everyone and as it is cashmere can be worn next to the skin or over a blouse or shirt. Likewise a cashmere vest top or slip-over is good, and is fabulous to wear when the weather is being a little unpredictable – so common these days. For people who do not enjoy wearing polo necks as they do not like or suit the wearer a mock turtle neck or perhaps a cowl neck would be a good alternative. A round crew neck is another all-time classic style that will be popular forever. If you really love a pattern then seek out some of the more unique intarsia patterns offered by companies.

For lovers of the polo shirt many companies now offer a cashmere polo shirt, in long and or short sleeves. This provides a casual styling with a certain elegance missing from your normal cotton polo shirt. As cashmere fabric is lightweight and lets the skin breathe it is perfect for wearing when doing activities – although it is advisable not to wear it when doing anything that may damage it, as this may prove upsetting! Whatever the reason for wearing cashmere jumpers remember to look after them and wash frequently to get the best out of them and help them look their best for a long time.

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