What’s Up With All the Bald PGA Tour Players?

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Is it just me or are there a lot of bald guys playing on the PGA Tour? Not just receding hair lines…I mean flat out bald! Some guys thought their hair looked so bad they decided shaving it all off looks better! I’m talking about the regular PGA tour. These guys are young. No offense to the guys on the Champions Tour. I’m a big fan.

In my research to uncover this mystery I read some balding men are proud of their baldness. They feel a kindred relationship with famous charismatic bald men like Yul Brynner, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Sean Connery and Telly Savalas. Baldness has become less of a liability and more of a fashion statement among men in the west. Patrick Stewart was called “The sexiest Man on TV” for his charismatic role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

So, what causes all this baldness? It can be caused by surgery, disease, hormonal imbalance, medication, infection, stress and pregnancy. (Not the “we are pregnant” type of pregnancy that men get to experience. The real one that involves a uterus.) There are also many myths regarding the possible causes of baldness. Now there’s a surprise! Myth #1. You can inherit baldness from your mother’s father. Research has also shown that a person with a balding father has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss. Wow, that’s a double whammy! First grandpa then dad. Some of you guys don’t stand a chance. Myth #2. Intellectual activity or psychological problems can cause baldness. Does that mean thinking too much can cause one to pull their hair out? Talk about thinking too much. Myth #3. “For some people, social standing accrued through intelligence can in mating compensate for physical attractiveness lowered by hair loss and therefore produce male offspring who are prone to both high intellect and hair loss.” WHAT? Did anyone understand that? Myth #4 and one of my favorites. Baldness can be caused by emotional stress and sexual frustrations BUT bald men are more virile or sexually active than others. So which is it? Are they frustrated or active? Here’s a myth I bet you never heard before. Too much sex causes baldness. All this time I bet these guys thought their mothers were saying blindness! (there’s a Tiger joke in there somewhere but I’m going to let it go for now.) Last but not least myth #6. Drum roll please. Tight hats cause baldness. Bingo!

Many moons ago, when my husband was playing on the tour, not many guys wore hats. Today a lot of those guys play on the Champions tour and most of them still have their hair. The young players all wear hats. In fact they dress in totally coordinated outfits. Yes, outfits. When the shirt matches the pants, which matches the shoes that coordinates with the glove, belt and hat, it’s an outfit! So there you have it. Mystery solved. It all makes sense to me now. It must be the hats. Or do you think the older generation just listened to their mothers better?

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