What’s the 411 on Legging Army?

Legging Army! Have you ever heard of them? Neither have I, until about two months ago. I was at my daughter’s school where they had created raffle baskets for an Alex’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser. How cool! Everyone loves raffle baskets, right? As I walked up to the table to check them out I saw several baskets that weren’t really my cup of tea. Some were sports themed, some had summer toys, and another had baseball tickets (Go Phils!). As I continued scanning the table, my eyes were immediately drawn to the cutest little basket that contained two pairs of pink printed mommy and me matching tights. I was in love! I spent all my money buying tickets for that particular basket because those tights were just perfect for my daughter and I. I hadn’t seen or felt anything like them before! Well, do you think I won the basket? No, but luckily before I left I grabbed a business card that was on the table right in front of that basket. On the card read the words ‘Legging Army’. I was immediately intrigued and was determined to learn more!

After doing some research, I discovered that Legging Army was a company that was founded in 2014 and was setup as a home based business with multi level marketing components. They mainly sell leggings, however they sell other apparel such as tops, dresses, dress pants, and joggers which are mainly marketed to women and children. Although the company may appear similar to other home based legging businesses–that shall remain nameless, Legging Army is quite different. When I shopped their website, I saw very affordable prices and free shipping. I had already felt the quality of the leggings in the raffle basket, and concluded that they felt as soft as a comparable home based brand. I was amazed, so I added about 10 pairs of leggings in my basket. It was then that I came across something that said “become a legging army affiliate.” I had no idea what an affiliate was, but I figured it might include a discount on my leggings purchase, so of course I clicked the link and was taken to another area of the website.

What is an Affiliate? An affiliate is a person who signs up to sell Legging Army apparel and in turn receives a portion of the profits. How much profit? The website reports 25% commission on every sale plus 5% commission on the legging sales of anyone you bring in, and 25% commission on the startup costs of anyone you bring into the company, in addition to a 25% discount on anything you purchase for yourself. And you may be wondering what the cost is to sign up. It’s certainly not $200, $150, or even $75. The cost is a mere $25! What does the $25 include? A free website with your own personal link where customers can shop with you directly. All commissions are paid weekly. You may think that I’m telling you this to try to sell you on joining. I’m not, however I thought it was amazing that a company could have this type of a business model and only charge $25 for singing up. So I bet you are wondering how the leggings sell. They basically sell themselves. You share your business link with friends, family, and more. They visit your site, see things they like, and make a purchase! Very simple! Do you think I signed up? With 10 pairs of leggings in my cart you can bet I did!

Legging Army is not a multi level marketing pyramid scheme where one would have to present the products and the business model to friends and family in order to get people to sign up. The company does not wish to have thousands of affiliates that sign up thousands more. They want the focus to be on selling the product, which is amazing and pretty much sells itself!

The products are amazing, the business model is amazing, the prices are amazing… what more are you waiting for? Check out Legging Army today and see for yourself how wonderful it really is.

Write by phanmemgoc

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