What You, Worry?

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I am always amused what people are worried about nowadays.

How they look in a mirror, their clothes, their “style”, what type of car they drive, how they have the right bracelet, to match the right earrings, to go with the stylish ankle bracelet, down to the matching toe ring.

I’m serious here…….

Or better yet, they’re worried about how many video games they are going to play today, how many movies they are going to rent, and how many bags of candy they can polish off in one sitting.

Too bad there is not enough focus on the many teen fitness concerns out there.

Ok, maybe I’m focusing a little too much on you “kids” here (lol)…….

Unless, you parents are doing this too (lol).

Don’t worry kids…..parents have their faults too………

Worried to beat traffic, worry to get to work early, worry to finish everything at work so fast so you can get home quickly to drive your kids to softball, baseball, music, dance practices, then run home, shove down a greasy hamburger, fries, and your favorite carbonated beverage, then watch some TV, get heartburn, and go to bed.

Sounds like a great life, huh?

Sign me up!……..just kidding, of course.

Unfortunately, what I have just written (or very close to it) is all too knowing for many people/families in this world.

It’s sad really.

It’s sad (to me at least) to see that people put SO MUCH IMPORTANCE on stuff like this and almost zero importance on their health and well-being.

I’m about to give you a big secret……

A secret that almost nobody (again, unfortunately) follows……

You ready???

Are you sure??? (lol), OK…….

*****Don’t wait until it’s too late to “worry” about your health.*****

Profound, isn’t it?

But so true.

So many people nowadays with all the hustle and bustle that goes along with everyday life: work, family, kids, stress, after-school activities, laundry, home repairs, mowing your yard, weeding flowerbeds, washing floors, doing dishes…….how do you have time for your health?????

Answer: You make time for it.

So many things we do are of little importance, but yet we “worry” about them so much. Then, when one of our loved ones falls ill, or develops a disease, virus, etc., we all ask “what went wrong?” Invariably, it is everything that I have talked about in this article (at least to an extent).

So, what can YOU do?

Well, for starters, why don’t you “worry” (not being paranoid, mind you……more like being aware of the situation) about your health and fitness.

Instead of worrying if your new shirt matches all 35 pairs of your pants…….why don’t you “worry” how you can make tonight’s dinner 50% healthier for you and your family.

Or “worry” how you can eat a more nutritious breakfast every morning (preferably not donuts and Pop-Tarts, washed down with a nice, tall sugar-laced beverage).

You see, making small changes like the ones I am suggesting do SO MUCH for your overall health and fitness, it’s not even funny.

I hate to start throwing out clichés, but as they say……

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Unfortunately, for some of you it should be “An ounce of prevention is worth 20 pounds of cure”.

Or maybe 40 pounds.

Heck, it might be 100 pounds.

The amount really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you better get off your tail and hold yourself accountable for your health.

YOU can make better decisions.

YOU can make time for fitness (also, let’s get off our butts, and help put a stop to all these teen fitness concerns).

YOU can lead your family by example.

Don’t wait until you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, clogged arteries…..etc.

Why put yourself through all that pain and expense (time and money)???

Why don’t you look ahead (and I’m not talking about to tonight’s dinner), and gauge where you want to be at in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.

Hint: your goal should be to be in the best shape you can possibly be in, at all times.

Let me be the first (or next) to tell you that you can do it…….I believe in you!

Everyone can make a positive change, but ultimately, it is up to YOU to get started…….

So, get started NOW……..and like I always say……..I am here to help. Please write me at [email protected] and visit my website www.fitnesswithchris.com [ and let me show you how to “worry” about your fitness. Talk to you soon.

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