What To Know When Designing Your Small Business Logo

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We all know about big business and their national logos and branding. But how can a logo help Your small business? Here are three things to consider when designing your own logo.

First let’s look at exactly what a logo is. The dictionary says:

loogo – a design used by an organization on its letterhead, advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized. A symbol, sign, emblem, badge, or insignia.

Here’s what’s important:

1. First impression.

Whether it is a business card, fax sheet or brochure given to potential client, you want your first impression to be perceived as professional as possible. A logo will do just that. But make sure your logo has clean lines and/or graphics. Too many words, pictures, and/or colors can make a logo too busy. A logo can say a lot to a potential client about how you do business. If your logo is complicated or ‘messy’, they could assume that is the way you do business as well.

2. Pick the right colors.

Make sure the colors of your logo compliment your business. For example; if you are a therapist who specializes in helping others with stressful situations, you don’t want your logo to have bright or neon colors. Your logo should reflect colors that stimulate peace and tranquility such as earth tones or pastels. Just the same is true for, let’s say, if you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor. You would want bold, energetic colors or graphics to support the mood of your business.

3. Does it print well?

So you have a logo idea and used your personal computer to make one. Just because it looks good on your own printer at home does not mean it will look the same when professionally copied or printed. Keep in mind that not all programs on a home computer are compatible with the equipment at your local printing place or copy center. Unless they designed it for you, be prepared to make some color and/or font changes. Especially when having a banner made. Your lettering on your business card can look totally different and in proportionate when enlarged.

The same is true for downsizing your logo. It could look great on a regular sheet of paper but when it’s reduced in size, for example, your business card. It is critical clients are able to read the text. Keep the fancy pictures out.

Also consider how your logo will look if screen printed or embroidered for company shirts or uniforms. If a logo has a lot of shading, fade outs, or light colored graphics, it will look totally different on a shirt or jacket.

Having a small business logo will make you and your business look more professional. Professionalism goes hand in hand with your businesses success. So keep in mind these tips when considering the right looking logo. By planning ahead, you will save headaches and disappointments when designing the right logo for you.

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