What Kind of Text Messages Do Girls Like? Learn 5 Tricks to Make Her Text You Back in a Hurry

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Knowing what kind of text messages girls like is vital if you want to be successful with girls. The right messages will create attraction because she will think you are sexy and fun. The right text messages will make her feel like she can’t wait to see you again.


Tip #1: Your messages need to be short. Most men text the full 160 characters while a girl texts less than 20 characters.

Tip #2: Don’t come across as sounding too nice. Nice is the description girls use when they are not attracted to you. “You’re nice but… (boring).”

Tip #3: Give her mixed signals by teasing her.

Don’t let her think she’s got you wrapped around her finger. If you pay her a compliment, do a take-away.

For example, you text, “You’re fun – except when you can’t (something she’s not good at or feels self conscious about) dance worth a lick.”

Tip #4: Make sure your messages involve the girl so she has something to respond to.

For example, if a girl texts you, “Hey, what did you do last night?” and you text her back, “Went to the movies,” it leaves her with nothing – no emotion, no fun, just dullness.

Instead text this:

You: “Hey, I saw a movie and it got me thinking about you.”

Now you’ve given her something to respond to. She will likely text you back:

Her: “Really, what’s that?”

You: “There was this really cute puppy that wrinkled its nose just like you.”

You teased her in a playful way. Girls love this and she will be a little more attracted to you.

Tip #5: You create attraction by being flirty, fun, and playful in your messages. If you bore her, you lose her… and quickly.

Start putting these 5 texting tips into use today and see how quickly your response with girls will change. Your weekends will be booked up before you know it!

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