West Coast Choppers Clothing: Ever Wondered What West Coast Choppers Clothing Is All About?

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West Coast Choppers Clothing is available in many different styles and colours. Their range of clothing includes Workers Jackets, Mens T-Shirts, Ladies T-Shirts, Sunglasses, Beanies, Old School Caps, Gloves, Kustom Kicks and Hoodies.

You have probably already heard about the cool brand on television or through various different magazines. They are one of the most popular custom bike builders within the USA and probably worldwide. Being so famous they decided to bring out their own designs of West Coast Choppers Clothing.

There are many different designs available to get your own West Coast Choppers look. For example there is the Maltese Original Cross, this is probably the most recognisable design produced worldwide by West Coast Choppers and I’m sure you’ll agree looks awesome. Available in the original black and white, white and black or black and red. Other styles include the ‘Pay Up Sucker’, ‘Loud Pipes’ and ‘Pan Head’.

The designs are available within the range of T-Shirts & Hoodies. The other cool fashion accessories produced by the company includes the awesome looking Pay Up Sucker Gloves. The gloves have the original West Coast Choppers Maltese Cross on the back of the glove and on the inside has the slogan ‘Pay Up Sucker’.

Another must have addition to get the complete Jesse James look is to purchase a set of the Kustom Kicks! They are available in sizes EU 40-49, UK Sizes 6-14 and US Sizes 6.5-14.5. As a word of advice from having a set of these myself, I would recommend to go for the size bigger than what you normally buy as they are a small fit. One of the best things about the Kustom Kicks is that they are not too expensive either!

One of the greatest fashion accessories that they do is their own sunglasses. They are available with Smoke, Clear, Yellow or Green lenses depending on what style you choose. They make the ‘original cross’ sunglasses, or they also produce the ‘CFL’ which is short for ‘Choppers For Life’.

The last essential accessory to having a collection of the West Coast Choppers Clothing would be to have a Beanie! In those winter months or to just get that Jesse James Custom Bike look along with a set of the Sunglasses to finish of your fashion statement. Not only will you enjoy wearing the gear and looking like a true WCC fan you will be continuing on the legacy of what Jesse James started all those years ago.

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