Virgo Men and 5 Virgo Characteristics That Come With Them!

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1. Virgo men are not the social butterflies of the Zodiac. Whereas the Leo man would do almost anything to be noticed, the Virgo man does quite the opposite: he’s always well groomed, well-mannered, super calm, and quiet. While he won’t come right out and tell you about his awesome-ness, it’s likely that it will grow on you, subtly, over time.

2. Being an Earth sign, Virgo is a dependable kind of guy. He has a strong work ethic (and he’ll like it if you do, too). They say that when the cat is away, the mice will play. That simply isn’t true for a Virgo. While the cat’s away, he’ll keep working, cooking, cleaning, or whatever else he thinks needs to get done. With this man, no task will ever fall through the cracks.

3. In fact, while many of us might be a little lazy about things like ironing our clothes, buffing our shoes (do people still do that?) and making sure our hair is perfectly coiffed, the Virgo man is not. When you meet him, you’ll be instantly amazing at how put together he is. Still, he isn’t your typical metrosexual. He’s more of an obsessive compulsive guy who likes things to be perfect and neat at all times.

4. The Virgo man has good taste. Rarely will you find him leaving the house with plaid slacks and a polka-dotted shirt. He’s much more likely to wear khakis and a blue button-up (starched and pressed, to be sure).

5. Lastly Virgo men are true introverts. While he’d never say it to your face, there will definitely be times when he’s actually wishing you’d hit the road. Be sure to allow him his alone time, and know it isn’t a reflection on you when he needs it.

Write by phanmemgoc

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