Vintage Tee Shirts – The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing T-shirts

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Due to the versatility and the high level of comfort that the t-shirts offer, many people believe them to be the best choice for casual wear. T-shirts are highly versatile because they can be used at almost all types of occasions and events. For instance, if you are going to a party, you can go for a beautiful printed t-shirt whereas if working in your backyard, you can go for the most casual and simple t-shirt in your wardrobe.

Although, t-shirts are known for their versatility but there are still some occasions where they are not appropriate to be worn. Following are some of those occasions where t-shirts should be avoided:

You cannot wear t-shirts to wedding parties. Imagine yourself in a ratty pair of jeans and wearing one of the vintage tee shirts with ‘I AM WITH A STUPID’ slogan on it. It would make you look odd and clumsy! Other occasions, which are a little too formal, where you cannot even think of wearing t-shirts, include funerals, corporate events, and business meetings.

Other than this, there are such many occasions where t-shirts are not normally worn but they can be worn if one wants to look different and stylish.

It is understood that while going out with friends to watch movies or just for hanging around, the best choice is to pull up your casual jeans with any favorite shirt of yours, but apart from this there are also other occasions where you can choose to wear t-shirts. Let’s say you have a job interview – – you are most likely to wear a formal suit, right? This can be replaced by a t-shirt under the blazer with pants or dress skirt. This will not only make you look professional but also modern and modern people have more chances than the contemporary people to get hired for jobs.

In the same way if you wish to wear your t-shirt to the church, you can simply wear it either with a stylish dress skirt or with a pair of dress pants – – pairing it with a cool button-up jacket will give you a stylish and decent look.

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