Using Pizza Magnets to Increase Repeat Sales

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Pizza magnets are now a popular and a commonly used item for repeat sales in many pizza restaurants offering take out services. Not just any old magnet will do the job though; you need to make sure your pizza magnet is perfect for your business in order to get the most out of this handy little advertising gem. Here are some top tips to ensuring your pizza magnets are doing the best job possible in retaining customers.

1. Make sure all orders come with a fridge magnet. It doesn’t matter if the customer has one already, they can give it to a friend, family member or stick on the office fridge. If every single order has a fridge magnet to compliment it, customers will feel special and valued because they are getting a neat little freebie with their meal. It will also mean that next time they want pizza they will think about your business and the fridge magnet with your number on.


2. Make sure you magnet accurately reflects your business. It’s no good having an ice cream shaped magnet for a pizza restaurant or a fish shaped magnet for a steak house. Make sure your magnet tells customer exactly what it is your business can provide without going into the lengthy detail of a menu. For pizza restaurants that means getting a magnet that is shaped like a pizza or pizza slice, or possibly even an Italian flag or other popular dish. Whatever your main seller is, turn it into a fridge magnet.


3. Keep it simple. Your magnet shape should tell the customer what it is you do so don’t try to cram lots of information onto your fridge magnet. Give the customer three things on your magnet: 1 – What you do, by using a magnet that is shaped into your top food seller. 2 – Why they should get it from you by adding “Free Delivery” or “10% off pizza” as an incentive. 3 – How to get what they want by adding your business telephone number in large clear numbers. This will cover everything you need your fridge magnet to say in 2-3 words and a telephone number. All this will tell the customer what food you do, how they can get it, why they should get it and on top of this keep it simple, fast and convenient.


4. Order your pizza magnets in bulk. This will save you time, effort and money and also ensure that customers always get a pizza magnet with their order or when they request one. You can also deliver pizza magnets to nearby offices and commercial buildings to maximise your potential customer exposure. Ordering in bulk will mean you save money on your order and shipping costs as well as make sure you never go empty handed. This will also mean you will have plenty of fridge magnets to go around so that every single one of your customers both takeout and eat in can get a pizza magnet and be more likely to contact you again for future orders.

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