Top Ways to Customize Your Belongings

Customizing your belongings is a great way to make them more unique and more ‘you’ and this way you can find that you enjoy them even more and that you feel even warmer towards them. At the same time if you want to give someone a customized gift then this is a great way to give someone something that is not only perfectly tailored to them, but also something that you have shown took time, thought and effort.

Many people don’t know how to customize their own things, but this is a real shame bearing in mind how easy it is to do. Here we will look at a few different ways to customize your items…


There are many printing companies on the web that will help you to print your own items, and using these you can print your own printed t shirts, custom banners, embroidered hats and more. All you have to do here is to upload your image to the website, select the product you want, and then order the amount you need. This way you can quickly get lots of great items that have your own design on them in your own colours and ensure that they will look professional. You can also sell these to make a profit and the great thing is that you needn’t know anything about embroidery yourself.

Sewing and Embroidery

However if you do know a thing or two about embroidery or can sew then this is a great way to personalize your clothes and at least your material belongings. Take a shirt and embroider a nice logo on it and this will be a perfect gift for people or even a small business you could run through eBay.


As a rule, you unfortunately can’t embroider jewellery as it’s simply too hard. However what you can do is to get these things engraved which basically means that a name or something else is carefully scratched into the surface. Often this is used to make jewellery for our loved ones with messages like ‘I will love you forever’ in them.

Physical Alterations

How smug do people look who alter their items in clever ways. For instance the person who turns their laptop bag into a rucksack, or the person who connects a Bluetooth keyboard to their phone with a hinge to make a mini laptop. Well you’ve got to start somewhere and if you’re interested in making your own items more personal then this is a great way to do so – even if you start off with only minor tweaks.

One great way to make a physical alteration is to combine two previous items, and this is even better if you make the other part yourself. Simply learn 3D printing and you can make anything you like in a range of materials – then just use a strong adhesive to add these elements to your existing items.

Another way to alter of course is to remove parts, and this is something a lot of budding fashionistas will do – cutting holes and hemming clothes to make them shorter, more revealing or just more unique.

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