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When you are a golfer that wants to beat your buddies when you play, then you have to know how to do so. Have you ever wondered why at the end of a round the guy that seemed to play so well didn’t win? Usually it is the putting and nobody pays attention to a guy who has a bunch of 3 putts if he is hitting fairways and greens. The top putting training aid can fix this problem for you.

Your putting has to be better or your scores will never drop. You can hit fairways and greens all day, but birdies only happen when you sink putts!

If you want to play better golf it start from the green and works its way back to the tee. You do not want to try to do this the opposite because you can hit fairways all day long and never hit a green. Even if you hit the greens it does no good if you are putting a lot and not making them. However, if it takes you 3 to get to the green and sink the putt it is still a par.

The best scramblers are those that use the top putting training aid to practice their putting and become the best they can with the flat stick. Check out the PGA tour stats and you will see that the best putter usually wins each week or is at least in the running for the win. He might not be the one that has hit the ball the best off the tee, but he is saving pars and making birdie putts, which makes a huge difference.

Think about the rounds you have played in your favorite foursome or in your league. The guy that plays the best each week might not be getting off the tee the best, but he is making the putts on the green and saving his pars left and right. It seems like he should have had a few doubles, but he didn’t because he kept making putts.

The other thing you should know is if you use the eyeline putting system, which is the top putting training aid out there, then you can practice your putting in the off season indoors or outdoors. This means you can hit the course ready to go in the spring and beat up on your friends because they didn’t spend any time practicing anything over the winter.

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