Top Five Present Ideas for a Baby Shower

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When a friend or a family member has a baby, it is customary to throw them a baby shower, to celebrate the fact that they are bringing a new life into the world.

A baby shower is like a quiet party, usually in the recipient’s home, or close to where they live. It is not a mad party because being pregnant is tiring. But, it can be a small party where people bring party foods, or they have tea with their lunch.

The aim of the baby shower is to help the recipient to get all of the things that they need to raise a child. Therefore, everyone that is attending the party will bring a gift.

The gift is not necessarily aimed towards the mother, it is more aimed at something the mother might need to raise the child. Therefore, the baby shower is held close to the due date because that is when the parents will be preparing for the baby’s arrival.

If you are attending a baby shower in the coming months, then read on to find out what the top five gifts for a baby shower are.

Top Five

1. Baby Bassinet – A baby bassinet is a like a portable bed for the baby. It is somewhere for the baby to sleep when it is not in the main cot. Mothers usually keep them in the living room, especially when the baby is newborn and sleeps a lot. This is less expensive than a cot and it can be taken with the mother if she leaves the house.

2. Cot – Buying a cot is a good option for a baby shower gift because it is a big expense for the mother, but it is a very expensive gift. It should only be considered if you have all clubbed your money together to buy one.

3. Diaper Genie – A diaper genie is like a portable bin that is made specifically for the dirty nappies. People usually keep them next to their changing tables or downstairs where it is easily accessible. The lids seals so no nasty smells will get out, that is why it is suitable for anywhere in the house and it saves the mother from running to the bin.

4. Bibs – In the baby’s life, the mother is going to use plenty of bibs to catch drool, wipe the baby’s nose and even to catch runaway food. Some parents can go through more than 20 bibs before the baby is old enough to get food into their mouth without spilling. It is best if you aim for a bib from a higher end company so that it lasts longer and some of these companies will sell their bibs in packs

5. Clothes – From the moment the baby is born, he or she is going to need clothes. Therefore, it might be a good idea to buy the baby some newborn clothes. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, then you will have to stick to neutral colours. But, if you do know, then you can buy the appropriate colour. If the father likes sports, it might be a good idea to buy some rompers from his favourite team, so that he feels a bit more involved.

If you stick to the list above, you can’t go wrong. Items like a car seat or a pram are not listed because they are far too expensive these days. Some car seats are more expensive than the car itself. Therefore, the parents will have to buy those items themselves.

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