Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2008

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We’ve written and developed a number of articles on EzineArticles, which go into depth and great detail about the current wedding trends for 2008. In case you haven’t read all of those articles or perhaps you would just like a summary of what’s hot and in style for weddings held in 2008, here are the top ten wedding trends for this year.

1) Color plays a huge role in weddings this year; it’s all about color and featuring that color throughout your wedding. Designers pushed yellow as the hot color on the runways last spring for 2008, but brides are rebelling and we know from Kate Aspen’s wedding trend report blue is in fact the winning color. The following shades are popular: baby blue, peacock blue, Cinderella blue, Tiffany blue, aqua blue, navy blue and teal.

2) Duel colored weddings are another popular wedding trend both in previous years and continuing into this year as well. The most popular accent colors for duel colored weddings are white, black, chocolate, silver, green, yellow and orange. Also popular are monochromatic color schemes as well as outrageous contrasting color schemes which play into the duel color wedding theme such as orange/pink, pink/brown, aqua blue/brown, aqua blue/white, red/icy blue, slate/lime, pearl grey/deep yellow, light yellow/deep purple, and sky blue/light green.

3) Letterpress invitations are a hot trend right now as well with couples designing their own invitations, graphics and logos. An excellent letterpress invitation gives greater visual stimulation and makes each invitation individual works of art.

4) Creating a signature scent for your wedding is also popular. Couples know that the scent-memory link can invoke memories of you day for years to come. Brides are selecting natural, soothing and energizing scents to fill their ceremony and reception venues. For example, you may choose soothing lavender for your ceremony and an invigorating citrus scent for after dinner dancing. Candles, flowers and scent machines can all be used to fill the venue with scent.

5) Entertainment at weddings has become a top priority, couples want their guests to enjoy the wedding and be entertained. There is a trend toward ethnic bands and Latin American bands. Think vibrant salsa dancing, romantic tango dancing, a mariachi band or smooth Latin jazz ensemble. Also tops are tribute bands and impersonators. If you have the cash, some couples are even hiring their favorite band to perform.

6) If you have the entertainment, you also have to have the right amount of guests to enjoy it. We’ve seen an increase in couple’s guest lists, with the typical wedding now ranging from 100 to 150 guests. About a third of all weddings held in 2008 will have over 150 guests.

7) Eco-friendly weddings are also quite popular. Everything from serving organic foods to natural papers and favors which can be recycled and reused – the environment is taking a top priority in weddings.

8) Personalizing everything for your wedding is hot, hot, hot! Whether you choose to create a unique monogram for your event and use it everywhere, or you personalize with your names and wedding date, if it can be personalized – personalize it! Things to personalize: your invitations, napkins, all ceremony and reception essentials (unity candles, flutes, cake servers, cake tops) and of course your wedding favors.

9) Jack and Jill showers are increasing in popularity and are on the rise. Long gone are the days when the bride was the only one enjoying the shower, grooms can now enjoy a co-ed party complete with gifts especially for him. Gifts for the grill, power tools, gardening, garage and electronics all top the list on things to give the groom at this co-ed shower.

10) Wedding favors which are practical and useful make the grade. The top wedding favors given are ones which are practical in nature – something which your guests will be able to use and enjoy. This could be anything from coasters to chocolate and mints. Also on the top of the list are favors which are very unique and modern. And since eco-friendly weddings are on the rise, so are the complimentary favors. Personalization is hot, so if you can add a tag or a label, do it. And many people love candles, candle wedding favors also make this list.

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