To Impress a Girl – Make Her Adore You

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Do you really know what it takes to impress a girl? Does this question seem tough? Are you aware that some of the things that you do to impress a girl actually do not? You should learn the basics on how to impress a girl.

Women are sensitive in nature. They act according to the instincts and when they sense something fake in you then it is possibly true. Aside from being sensitive, women are also observant. They notice every thing you do and every single word you say. In trying to impress a girl, you must take into consideration certain things before you do or say something that might compromise your goal.

If you want to impress a girl and get her to be interested, you should take note of these rules.

Rule: To Impress is Not to Impress

This is a golden rule. You shall not try to impress a girl. Women base their judgment about you on how you act when you are in front of her. She can easily sense it if you are trying so hard to impress her. Once she senses that in you, then you no longer stand a chance with her. This is the last thing that you want to happen. Trying so hard to impress a girl will make you look desperate. Instead of impressing her, she might take you for granted or worse, she might feel pity for you.

Rule: Be Naturally Original

Women can sense a real man when she sees one. Women love men who act naturally handsome. To impress a girl, you just have to act real. Most men would pretend to be someone they are not or to like things that they really don’t. These do not really help at all, in fact it can even make you look bad. The rule means that you should not change your ways, if you are used to wearing jeans and a shirt then do not show up with a coat tie the next you see her. If you do not really like reading books, then do not pretend that you often hang out in a café to spend a few hours reading. Women will love you more if they can sense that you are just being who you are because that also means that your feelings for them are real.

Rule: Show What You Can and Not What You Have

If you think that you can impress her by showing off what you own, you are wrong. Your brand new car and your wallet will only make her interested in your money and not in you. It is not true that a man should shower a woman with gifts and glamorous dinner dates to win her heart. The truth is that, a man can only win a woman’s heart by showing her what he can do in life. In other words, you should not try to impress her with your money instead, impress her with your skills and talents. If you are good in something, show it!

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