To Attract Girls – Make Any Girl Want You and Even Chase You Using Only These Two Simple Tips

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These are the most important tips for you to attract girls. Use them to make any girl want you immediately. To attract girls may seem a tricky thing to do, there are so many tips and techniques to know and apply and there are so many traps to stay away, but the truth is that it’s a very pleasant and easy thing to do, especially if you know these tips I’m going to share with you. These tips will absolutely make any girl want you, they aren’t manipulative or crooked, they are just answers to what girls are really wanting form guys. They are very easy to apply too, and the great thing is that most guys don’t know about them.

· The first tip to attract girls is have nice shoes

I told you that they were very easy to apply.

Wait a second! This seems too easy to be true!

And yes, it is.

Let me ask you this question:

What do women notice first about your style?

No, it’s not the t-shirt, gold chain, teeth…

It’s the shoes. Girls love them and hate them at the same time. They love them because they are going to reveal so much about you and they hate them because they reveal to them that most guys don’t pay the least of attention to their styles and hygiene. This is terrible for girls, but an amazing opportunity for you. My advice is to first leave all the sport shoes for what they were intended to do, play sport and second to go buy a pair of great shoes. Most guys have no idea what to buy and it’s ok. You are going to use girl’s tricks against them. You are going to ask the help of another girl, she can be working at the shop, or just a beautiful friend you have. The important thing is that she must have a great style of her own.

· The second tip to attract girls is play musical instrument

This is too a neglected tip. Most guys think that it would take them years to master a musical instrument, so they do what they were trained to do from their youth, they don’t start or abandon it very early. It’s not correct, to learn a musical instrument doesn’t necessarily mean to suffer and work hard. You don’t need to become a master, you only need to learn: the most popular or beautiful songs most people know about. The most interesting musical instrument to attract girls is the guitar, especially classical guitar; girls simply go crazy for it.

If you don’t have one, go get one that has amazing colors and sound, and learn to use it, just learn some ten or twenty popular songs, you will become amazing to girls, you will need to read this article in which I explain in details how to become even much more attractive to girls.

Write by phanmemgoc

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