Tips For Taking Your Own Portrait in South Florida

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The best way to preserve and enjoy memories is through pictures. In South Florida photography opportunities range from wildlife and nature, to gorgeous beaches and sunsets. If you are printing an invitation to an event, a Christmas card or something for a special occasion and can’t afford a professional photographer, here are some tips to look your best in outdoor photos.

South Florida Beach Portrait

Popular beaches in South Florida include Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach.  If you want to take your beach picture at sunset or sunrise, make sure and arrive at least half an hour early so you have time to prepare. As far as clothing, make sure to wear white, ivory, denim, khaki or light pastel solids for men, and children. One of the most popular choices is to wear blue jeans or khaki pants with a white dress shirt for everyone in the photo.   Avoid clothing with patterns or designs. Ladies should choose long, solid, flowing dresses. However, ladies can wear long sleeved shirts and trousers if they feel more comfortable or wish to coordinate with her family’s style of clothing. Keep in mind for all pictures, dresses and skirts should always cover the knee while sitting. Ladies don’t wear bright toe polish. Use a neutral color or none at all, as you will be barefoot and bright colors will really stand out on the white sand. The same thing with makeup, stick with neutral colors.

Outdoor Photos in South Florida

If you are taking photographs of you or your family in popular South Florida State parks, such as John D. MacArthur, or South Florida gardens, such as the Morikami Japanese Gardens, keep in mind there is lot of greenery. In general, the outdoors tend to be a busy background for photographs. When choosing clothing, it is best to choose only one or two colors, and then wear different shades of these colors. Also, the simplicity of one or two colors separate individuals from the background and maintains the focus on faces. Colors like denim, khaki, burgundy, rich purple and royal blue are great against lush, green foliage. Unlike the beach pictures, white is not appropriate because it is too distracting in a green environment. Long sleeves are always best, but South Florida can be hot, so find out if there is a place you can change until you are ready to take your pictures.

General Tips for Outdoor Pictures:

Solid colors are the best choice. Patterns draw attention to clothing rather than faces. While play clothes may look cute on children, their appeal will be short-lived. Avoid bright colors such as red, yellow, fluorescent, teal magenta, etc. When choosing clothing consider the color of the decor in your home. The goal is for your portrait to complement rather than compete with that theme. Lay prospective clothing in the area where your portrait will hang and stand back. Anything that clashes will become obvious.

Ladies keep in mind that neutral make up colors are always best. The South Florida sun can be brutal, even in the winter, so try to wear mineral based make up rather than liquid to help prevent your foundation from caking up. Have a small pack of tissues so that you can blot away any oil or perspiration without ruining your make up.

For the camera, digital cameras normally offering settings for outdoor photos. If you happen to have UV  filters, take them with you. Take some of your photos with a flash, as it may reduce shadows. If your camera allows for it, take the photos in both color and black and white so you can choose which ones you like best. Take a lot of pictures. Don’t worry about deleting anything while you are there. Go home and sort through your options. The more you take, the better chance you will have several pictures to choose from.

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