Tips for Paintballing

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If you have never been paintballing before, there are some things that you need to know before you arrive. If you don’t know these things, then you are going to be quite surprised when you get there.

If you ask people how they liked paintballing, their answer will depend on what they were expecting before they arrived. If they knew what to expect, then they enjoyed themselves. If they hadn’t done their homework then the odds are that they hated it.

Therefore, your enjoyment rests on the knowledge that you have gained before you have arrived at the gaming area. The aim of this article is to give some people some tips about paintballing because they should be able to enjoy themselves. Also, if people don’t like the tips, then they will know that paintballing is not for them.


  1. Know that it hurts – Paint balling is supposed to be a lot of fun, but it is not without pain. Having said that, it does not hurt that much. It is not the same as being shot with an actual bullet. But, it will hurt. You are being shot with balls of paint that will hit you at high velocity. The paint will splatter on impact, so the pain is reduced. To give you some idea of the pain level, it is similar to the pain of getting hit with a soccer ball on a cold day. It is a duller feeling though.
  2. Do not wear your best clothes – You know that you are going paintballing right? PAINTballing? If you know this, then you will know not to wear your best clothes. If you wear expensive clothing, be prepared to have to replace them because you are going to get covered in paint. It will stain and it will ruin your clothes.
  3. Camouflage is your friend – Think about it, you are going into a paintball war with the other team. Think of it as a real war. You need to make yourself blend in with your environment so that you can’t be targeted. You should contact the paintballing arena and ask them what the surroundings are like. Different paintballing companies will have different themes. If you are in the woods, then you need green camo. If you are inside and the area is black, then wear dark clothing. You don’t have to do this, you understand. You can turn up in your jeans and a worn out neon t-shirt if you want. Just prepare yourself to be shot, if you do this. If you don’t have any military clothing, look online and pick something for cheap, that will be delivered on time.
  4. Comfortable shoes – You must wear comfortable shoes in the same color as your outfit. If you wear alternate colors then you will be an easy target. You are going to be running a lot and you will want to be comfy. If you wear the wrong shoes, then you are going to be hobbling around and you will get covered in paint.
  5. Listen to the safety rules – You must listen to the rules before you enter the playing arena. The rules are there for your safety. One rule that must not be bent is the rule on safety goggles. They must be worn at all times. Paint is toxic to the eyes and it will damage your sight. The goggles will stop this from happening. You must also wear the safety padding in case you fall over. You do not want to get hurt during the game. Paintballing is supposed to be fun, it is not something that will risk your life, but you must be vigilant and obey the rules.
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