Tips For Girls on Emo Dressing

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Fashion is good for everybody but for emo girls it is really important. Without the right ideas, it may be quite tricky to pull off the emo style. This is the way to dress for the part.


Purchase the proper attire. Skinny jeans are a great hit in the market. Nowadays the tighter the legs of the jeans and the lower the rise, the more popular they are to young people. You may go in for black, grey or other dark colored pants too if they are skinny. Darker colored t-shirts are another popular choice. To be very attractive, these must be tight fitting with band logos and slogans on them. It will arrest the attention. Tight fitting shirts with old logos from places like thrift stores are worn by many. With the emo style, checkered patterns are popular, particularly red and black.


Assemble the entire look. You should go slow and add emo items one by one. When you wear your jeans and t-shirt, you can also pair them with some hoodies, v-neck types of sweaters, or even a great, unique, vintage jacket. You don’t have to make every item match. Be imaginative and artistic! Many items in a variety of color combinations can be layered. As an alternative to wearing jeans everyday try wearing a dark skirt with bright tights. You should be careful not to wear a skirt style that is too preppy.


Pick out some accessory items. Put on a brightly studded or checked belt, along with a pair of Converse All-Stars or Vans tennis shoes. Perhaps you’d like to purchase a variety of shades and designs, or adorn them using magic markers. In the event that they are quite worn, this is actually better. This is the way to do it. A messenger bag, small pins and scarves should be there ready. Your earlobes should be pierced or even gauged, or add a piercing to your lip or brow. Many pieces of jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, can be layered. Bands worn around the wrists and gloves without fingers are often worn, along with items featuring skulls or ribbons.


Fix your hairdo. A crucial aspect of the emo style is your hairdo. Hair can be dyed raven black, or retain your original hair shade and just color underneath with a different shade. Think about wearing your hair with a choppy style, with lengthy feathery bangs combed to the side. Bobs are an excellent selection too. For those with hair that is curly at all, you should iron it flat. Once you have straightened it, style it up with gel. Allow the lengthy bangs to drape across a single eye.


The final detail is cosmetics. Profuse use of mascara and eyeliner is good. For a nice look, liquid mascara may also be used. In addition you can wear vibrant shades of eye shadow. Think about wearing some fingernail polish in deep or vibrant shades. A lot of folks who are part of the emo way of life regard their style seriously. Being an emo involves fashion. To be accepted by a group of “emo kids”, it helps to dress like they do, but it is not the only way to be considered “emo”, you should embrace the whole culture. The outfit is one way of answering issues of emo culture. It should not be just an attempt. People will call you a poser.

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