Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Burp Cloths

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When babies eat, they swallow small amounts of air with their food. Adults do the same thing, but their fully developed digestive system makes it easy to release the air as a burp. Not so for babies. To release swallowed air, babies must often be held at an angle and gently patted on the back – a procedure that can be done by placing the child’s head just over the shoulder of an adult. Although it helps the child to belch, holding her in this position can also cause her to spit up on your shirt. That is why parents place baby burp cloths (a.k.a. burp towels) on their shoulder before performing the post dinner burping routine.

Available from suppliers of wholesale infant gift sets, burp towels help reduce the messiness of caring for a baby. If you need help choosing the right towels for your needs, or as a gift for someone special, consider the tips below.

Choose a Dark Color

Choosing a dark color helps prevent the towel from showing tough-to-remove food stains, which can accumulate rapidly in a short period. Although the towels are not for show, some parents plan to reuse them when they have more children. Buying the towels in a dark color can help preserve their appearance for future use.

Choose a Material that has Enough Absorbency

Because burping a child can cause her to spit up, the towel must have enough absorbency to prevent small amounts liquid from soaking through it. Because babies consume food that is mostly liquid, buying a heavily absorbent material is the smartest choice.

Buy the Towels as Part of a Set

Baby burp cloths can be purchased as a part of wholesale infant gift sets, which can also include bibs, bottles, and other supplies every baby needs. Buying the cloths as part of a larger set is often more economical than buying everything separately.

Choose a Product of Generous Length and Width

Unlike small towels, large ones can be doubled over to provide added absorbency. As a child grows and her feedings increase in size, the extra absorbency of a doubled over towel can be essential for keeping spit-up confined to the towel.

Choose a Plain Material for Monogramming

If you want to turn the towels into a memorable present, monogramming is one way to do it. There are several nice ideas for monogramming children’s outfits and accessories, from monogramming cartoon characters to monogramming the child’s initials in light blue or pink.


Every parent needs a generous supply of baby burp cloths – small towels that are designed to catch the spit up of a child as she belches. Without them, parents can end up with a soiled and potentially stained shirt when they place their child over their shoulder to burp her. If you need burp towels for yourself or a friend, buying them as a part of wholesale infant gift sets is an excellent way to get several essential supplies for less than it would cost to buy them separately.

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