Three Ways Of Wearing Jeans In Formal Occasions

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Guys like to wear comfortable clothes. They don’t feel comfort in wearing suits or formals all the time. It is experienced by almost every guy when you have an invitation to a formal occasion and they expect you to wear a suit.

You can break this trend by wearing jeans on such occasions. But, you must wear a suit if you are going to attend any funeral or formal wedding. You will look classy wearing jeans in a formal dinner or party. Just wear a pair of dark blue, grey or black jeans and you are ready to attend a formal party. But you have to wear jeans in such a way so that no one will notice that you have worn your favorite denim.

Here is a list of ways to wear jeans in formal occasions –

Wear a blazer with your everyday outfit

It is very simple way to wear a blazer with your jeans. You need not wear the top half of a tux or a fine dinner jacket to look classy. You should wear it down a little, if you are pairing the jacket with jeans. You can opt for pairing a pair of slim fit black jeans with grey woolen blazer to look perfect for a formal evening party.

Whatever you wear, never compromise with your comfort. You can also wear regular T-shirts with your jeans, but it should be worn under the blazer. It is recommended to wear simple plain black or white T-shirt and not to go for printed ones. Do not wear heavy accessories with this dress. Just prefer a watch, a pair of shoes and a matching belt.

Wear a shirt with your blazer

Shirts are obviously more formal than T-shirts. You can pair your light blue denim shirt with a jacket. You need not wear a tie. Instead put a folded handkerchief in the pocket of the blazer. Tuck your shirt in and the top button of your shirt should be left unbuttoned.

Wear a tie

You can wear a tie with jeans. But the tie should match your overall outfit. Don’t opt for shiny tie and go for woolen or black knitted tie. Your tie should feature a classic four-in-hand knot. This asymmetrical looking knot is best for a formal look. You can easily tie this knot by yourself. Wearing a tie is always the best option to look classy, trendy and stylish.

Thus, be ready to dress up comfortably for formal occasions with a pair of regular jeans, a T-shirt and jacket. Follow these above mentioned ways to look trendy, yet classy in informal parties.

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