Three Secrets to Easily Get Back With My Boyfriend?

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en and women are very different from each other, so after a breakup, a guy will handle it very differently than a girl. This means that winning back an ex-boyfriend is very different than winning back an ex-girlfriend. Below are three tips on how to get your ex bf back through jealousy.

The trick to winning back a man’s heart is to act like you have moved on. This means going on other dates, hanging out with your friends, and in general, having fun. By making your ex think you have moved on, he will wonder why you were able to do it before he could, and will want you back.

First: Appearance matters. The last thing that will win back your ex’s heart is seeing you wearing sweatpants and t-shirts with no makeup and barely brushed hair. This may seem very superficial, and it is, but it also matters. Take the time to take care of yourself and make yourself look your best. This will do two things: first, it will remind your ex what he is missing, and second, it will make it look like you are on the prowl for someone new, which is what you want him to think.

Second: Don’t flaunt your other dates. This part is crucial. You don’t want your ex to think the only reason you are going out with other men is just to make him jealous, even if that’s the truth. Never mention going out on other dates to your ex unless he asks directly. This also means avoiding going on dates with men who may be “high profile,” like your ex’s best friend. Pick your other dates carefully; you want guys who you would legitimately date, but not ones that would cause a lot of drama, especially since you’re trying to get back with your ex.

Third: Facebook is your friend. Since the guys you’re going out on dates with aren’t going to be high profile, the best way to make sure your ex knows about them, is through Facebook or other social media. Everyone checks in on their exes while trying to be anonymous. This creates the perfect way to inform your ex your dating other guys, while still being subtle. Try posting things like “I had fun last night, we should do it again” on your date’s pages. Your ex will see you posted on another guy’s page and will want to check on it.

The trick to all of these tips is to be subtle. You really want to give your ex the appearance that you have moved on and started seeing other people. He will end up jealous and want you back, precisely because he believes that he can no longer have you, but isn’t quite over you yet.

Just remember to be careful with the other guys you date. Keep it fairly simple and don’t get too involved with the other men. The last thing you want to do is leave a trail of broken hearts and burned bridges on your way to get your ex back. Dates can be fun and a good time without turning into something more serious

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