The Truth About How Little Your Sales Copy Affects the Success of Your Sales

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If you’re biting your nails with anxiety every time you hire a copywriter to write your upcoming promotion, then this may just be the most important article you’ll ever read.

One of my most popular articles on is about how to make your online business better by using direct mail (YES – people still read those!).

I’m happy it is popular because it says a lot about the business owners who are interested in that kind of thing –

It says basically that…

They Get It!

They get that –

Everybody’s doing Facebook ads,

Everybody’s sending emails, and –

Everybody’s dealing with the same goofy sleazeball marketers on Facebook.

And they’re thinking “if everybody’s doing that – I need to do something different”.

Now that’s my kind of crowd.

Now in case you’re not thinking that way, here’s a question for you –

How excited are you to get an email? Usually not that much huh?

How about getting what appears to be a personal physical mail with some 3-dimensional thing inside there? Now that will spark some curiosity right? – you can’t wait to rip it open and see what’s inside…

And guess which is more crowded (and therefore harder to stand out in) –

your email inbox or your physical mailbox?

Just something to think about…

So anyway, back to our subject –

So many business owners have this concept that their promo will live or die by their copywriter’s pen.

Well if that pretty much describes you – here’s what I got for ya:

What I’m about to say will probably be considered blasphemy by your copywriter –

One of the greatest copywriters (and marketers) of all time is Sir Gary of Halbert.

Well, guess what – if a household name like Gary Halbert says the sales copy isn’t that important, certainly not to the extent that the whole promotion will fly or die by it –

Who Are We Mortals To Argue?

Good ol’ Gary left us a great legacy (and a pure gold marketing treasure) in the form of his newsletter.

If you do anything worthwhile today – go to to claim your nuggets of gold in that motherload.

So look, in the very first letter in that magnificent masterpiece, Gary talks about the most important thing that most marketers miss with direct mail and that is…

(hint – it ain’t the sales copy… )

Getting your mail delivered and opened!

Now before you start laughing at the obviousness of that (I bet you expected something super secret and sneaky – this is the real stuff, not your typical digital marketing “guru” crap), but the truth is many marketers don’t get that, but they pay a handsome ransom to their copywriter, only to never get their sparkling copy and irresistible offer ever to be seen since their prospect never got their mail or simply understood it’s promotional before even opening the envelope – and threw it away.

So this is just one example of how little importance your exact copy has on the success of your promotion (and that’s coming from one of the world’s greatest copywriters!)

In case you think that’s an outdated example, guess what – it’s true today as it ever was and even more since so many online marketing “experts” don’t seem to get that –

The audience (traffic) and your offer are far more important than your wordsmithing capabilities.

In fact, your audience (or list) and your offer comprise about 80% of your promotion success

Yup – not a single word of copy has been written yet and already you got 80% of hitting it out of the park.

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