The Real Secret to Being Instantly More Attractive to Sexy Women!

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Do you want to boost your attractiveness almost instantly? Well if you do, then you better read this. You see, most guys make the seduction game so much harder than it needs to be. They go out and try useless pickup lines and give up after they get a negative reaction. Or they spend all this money on the most expensive clothes, just hoping that it will get them noticed. Well, I will make this a lot easier for you…

The Real Secret to Being Instantly More Attractive to Sexy Women

So how can you become instantly more attractive to women? By getting a huge confidence boost!

Listen, it is no secret that women are drawn to confident men. So what is the point in trying so many other gimmicky things and ignoring the one thing that you KNOW works?

Let us take a deeper look into the confidence issue. Rather than vaguely tell you to be more confidence, I am going to go over an amazing exercise that you can do anywhere which will give you a huge confidence boost and get you ready to roll in the social venue.

The “Famous Man” Meditation

What you need to do is close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. Count to ten slowly.

Now imagine yourself walking down the street. The people passing you by are all staring at you. You walk past a movie store and see your picture in a poster. It reads “[Your Name] returns in this summer’s most electrifying action adventure!” You smile and wonder if you will be nominated for another academy award again this year.

You keep walking and look up to see you on a billboard wearing a tuxedo advertising the new Ferrari. Hmm, they still have not paid you for that endorsement yet…

This visualization exercise is all about you being EXACTLY who you want to be. The important thing is making the visualization as real as you possibly can. Imagine the smells of your surroundings; imagine the cars passing you by on the street.

Do this for about three minutes and you will come out of it with a refreshed attitude and ready to take on the club.

Seduction is all about KNOWING you are what a woman wants in a man.

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