The Mentalist: The Red Ponies (3-5) Review

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The episode begins as the CBI team finds the horse jockey Bill Sutton that has just been murdered. As the team investigates they find a ring lying next to Sutton with a note that says “forgive me”. The team tracks the first clue and discovers that it leads to Bill’s most recent girlfriend Dalinda who had left him due to his bad temper. Dalinda mentioned that Bills temper got him in trouble when he beat up a man after a traffic accident which took him out of horse racing for a few years.

Bill had just returned to the racing world and was graciously accepted as a jockey for Cobb Holwell’s stable. The Holwell stable had been racing horses for many years and was recently in heavy competition with the Lockhart stable. Being a relentless competitor Frank Lockhart said that any jockey who rode for Holwell would never ride for him. Frank even went as far as having Ellis Barnes threaten Bill Sutton to try to scare him out of racing.

As Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) continued to investigate all of the suspects he soon discovered that everything was not as it seemed. Jane meets a new jockey Sam Starks (Olesya Rulin) who was offered the jockey position for the big race after Sutton’s death. As Jane makes friends with Starks he learns more about the horses in Holwell’s stable. It turns out the horse that is supposed to run in the upcoming race had a twin horse the Holwell said was the faster of the two horses but wasn’t ready to run in a race yet. On a hunch Jane requests the assistance of agent Grace Van Pelt ( Amanda Righetti ), who is a skilled horse rider and asks her to ride the untamed horse.

As always Jane’s hunch was correct and when it was time for the big race Jane tells Howell right before the start of the race that he switched the two horses and bet $10,000 on that horse to win. Confused and upset Howell gets angry with Jane because that was his strategy all along and he had already switched the two horses. Holwell’s strategy was to get the first horse to have bad odds and the switch the twin horses without anyone knowing and win the big money. It was then that Jane discovered that it was Holwell who was responsible for the murder of Sutton because Sutton was unwilling to go along with this plan.

The beauty of the entire plan is Jane never switched the horses and ended up winning his bet as well as catching another criminal. Another great episode of The Mentalist is in the books and definitely one to watch if you haven’t done so already.

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