The Crucifier and in the Beginning by L E Azer

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Transformed by the Power of the Cross and an Imaginary Story of Dinosaurs and Creation

L. E. Azer has included two short stories in this edition of his book “The Crucifier and In the Beginning.” Both stories are fictionalized accounts of Biblical events. Both are reasonable illustrations of ingenious “what if” story telling.

“The Crucifixion” is taken from the dramatic events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. It is the story of young Tyterrain, and of the impact Jesus’ death had on his life.

While serving as a Roman Legionnaire in Jerusalem Tyterrain was assigned with his unit of twenty-five men to participate in an execution, a crucifixion. He was a participant in putting Jesus to death the cross. On the second day, he was assigned with others to guard the tomb of Jesus. He was present when they discovered the empty tomb.

The years that followed were years of searching for truth. Tyterrain could not forget the piercing eyes of Jesus nor the way he accepted His death while forgiving His enemies. Tyterrain shares the story of his journey to find truth and to finally discover how Jesus transforms the lives of people like him.

“The Crucifier” is a beautiful story of triumph and transformation, poignant, writing, offering a simple message of invitation to become a follower of Christ.

“In the Beginning” is a fantasy story of Astaria, described as a world of light. The events and characters are fictional but are based on the Word of God. There are parallels of the creation and of a war motivated by a power struggle when one of the Creator’s beings, Tyrus, wanted to dethrone Him. Another parallel is the Creator’s plan to develop a nation which would demonstrate the Creator’s high standards. The nation fails in this and the Creator comes to Astaria in the person of Coshus. The Creator made a book to help humans understand His heart and mind, the Oracle.

Azer has chosen to use fiction as a platform to help people understand God’s plan and purpose for man the universe. Azer believes that if scientists can create an assumption of evolution, he should be able to use Biblical knowledge to logically explain the existence of dinosaurs and the ice age.

“The Crucifer and In the Beginning” is highly entertaining, thought provoking, and credible. Azer presents a new twist on drawing fictional stories based on Bible incidents. Great family reading.

WinePress Publishing, 978-1579219550

As reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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