The Classic Black Tie

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The term black tie dinner is used to express professionalism and class, and with right. The black tie is a great example of a classy man. It is also the simplest and easiest tie to match to any outfit. It is well known that every man should have at least one black tie in their wardrobe. Though in the past the black tie was somewhat simple and boring, today there are many great options for black ties that offer the wearer a great opportunity, not only to look classy and give off a lavish air around them, but also show a bit of their personality. Different seasons also call for different ties that are black.

There are different fabrics, prints and sizes, which offer a wide array of options to put together the most professional and mature outfit. Also, today these ties can be worn in many fun ways aside from the standard suit, they are great for both the office as well as outings. If you want to make an impression on the next business or even romantic dinner a black tie will definitely do the trick.

In the winter you can find great print ties that incorporate black. Usually in the winter you wear heavier clothes, thicker materials, and darker colours. The black tie is best worn with a white button-up shirt, though it also looks great with a flashy red shirt or a toned down blue. There are thicker material ties, such as wool or cotton are great for winter ties. In the winter the thicker more classic tie can be worn with a thick overcoat on top and a dark toned colour shirt on bottom. However, do not overdo it with the dark toned button shirt as you do not want the tie to blend in. If you are not going for the standard white shirt, you can still choose a coloured shirt and even a darker tone, just make sure that the tie does not disappear into the background.

For the warmer seasons there are great silk tie that add a little flash to the overall look. They offer a beautiful reflection and interesting colours can be incorporated into the tie to further match it to the overall outfit. Also, the warmer months give you more room to experiment and have fun with your tie. Try the different sizes and lengths, this will give you plenty of room to make the tie not only express your personality but also gives you an opportunity to stand out.

The tie has always been a way to show class and professionalism. They are now popular not only for the office but also as a fun accessory to a combination of jeans and button down shirt. There are many different ways that you can wear a black tie that are stylish and fun, that gives this time proven classic a new fun twist.

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