The Best Suits For Short Men – 3 Tips to Looking Your Best

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Suits for Short Men

For many business professional men under 5’7″ it can be a frustrating road ahead when it comes to shopping for their working wardrobe. Be it a suit, a dress shirt or a pair of dress slacks men under 5’7″ can attest the difficulty of finding a great fit. This has been one of the primary challenges for many department stores as it does not make sense to stock heavily for such a limited population, yet the numbers of men in this height range do cause n imbalance to the supply and demand rule. While there are a decent amount of stores that carry “short” and “extra short” sizes selection will be rather slim, and it is quite unusual to find much more than a couple styles in each size.

The Wrong Short Size Suit

The biggest problem for short men when it comes to their suits is that a majority of the cuts are still way too long. For the most part a designer cuts a “short” size suit for men about 1″ shorter than a standard length suit. what does this mean exactly? Standard size is made for a man that is 6′ tall. While a “short” is actually made for a man between 5’9″ and 5’7″. Quite frankly that is not even that short and actually leaves an entire population with out the right size of suit. “Extra shorts” sizes are ideal for men under 5’7″ but finding an extra short suit is like finding a four leaf clover…nearly impossible. There are options to getting the right fit and knowing what to look for can help in the search.

Top Three Tips to Remember When Shopping for Suits for Short Men

Here are the top three things to keep in mind when shopping. Following these three things alone can help assure a much better fit and shopping experience.

1. Find a great tailor- Going in it is best to assume that you will need alterations. Finding a great tailor that can asses your body and the way your suits fit can mean all the difference in the world. Before you go shopping you should spend some time with him (or her) bring them one of your suits and have them point out what to look for in regards to fit and what type of cut will make their job easier. A truly great tailor can not only alter your suit but can also make one for you. So if they are around try to find a tailor that specializes in alterations or even custom suits for short men.

2. Focus on the cut rather than the brand- This is one big pit fall for a lot of men. when shopping try to focus on the proportion and cut of a suit rather than the brand name. Too many times men buy a hot designer label and for shorter men this can be disastrous as some designers like to cut longer jackets. It is much better to end up with an off brand that fits well (given that its made with 100% wool) than a name brand that doesn’t.

3. Stay classic- Its hard enough to find styles in your size. Buying classic allows you to keep the wardrobe longer. Fashion forward cuts end up as seasonal items as well as the fact that the more “fashion forward” the suit the more distinct it will be. This means that when you wear it on Monday they are going to know you are re wearing it on Wednesday. Classic styles such as a solid navy or charcoal gray can be mixed and matched, never go out of season, and just plain look great on just about every one.

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