The Best and the Fastest Ways to Lose Fat!

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Welcome to a great weight loss information based article that is finally going to shed those unwanted pounds right off. Basically we will cover how much food to eat in the day,while also following a proper exercise plan to get rid of that unwanted fat.

You are probably asking, how is this information gonna be any different from the thousands or even millions of other sites,blogs and articles. Well my answer is simple, because I have done it all first hand and I know what I’m talking about and I know what works and what doesn’t and now I’m gonna walk you through it, so you can get out there with your shirt off or in your bikini and feel good about yourself and be confident. First off I can tell you there is a rumor out there that says all you need to do is eat a certain amount of calories and your body will adapt to that amount and begin to lose the weight. This is absolutely incredibly INCORRECT!

OK now were gonna get to the part you came here for, the FAT LOSS! First off if you are looking to burn that unwanted fat you need to come up with a correct caloric amount to consume in a day. There are many programs out there on the web where you can put in your body weight, how much time you exercise and it will tell you exactly how many calories you are supposed to consume on average a day. Now when you do figure this out , you will need to plan your diet with healthy calories, for instance say you are supposed to eat 1500 calories a day, you can’t just go to your local McDonald’s and get a big mac meal . You will need to eat that amount calories consuming fruits and vegetables and meats like lean mass beef or chicken and tuna. Another good source of fat loss foods is nuts like almonds are really good. This will significantly reduce your fat especially if you are not used to eating healthy like this. Also be sure you are drinking tons of water and if your not a big water fan like me, go with green tea, it actually has shown to increase the fat loss.

Now comes the part that most lazy people don’t like to talk about. This would be the exercise, I mean sure you can lose fat or weight by just eating a low calorie diet and eating healthy, but this is going to hugely increase the fat loss. First off the fastest way to get rid of that chubby belly that jiggles around like jello when you walk is gonna be A LOT of cardio. Make cardio your new best friend in the gym or even outside of the gym. Run,run,run! Another form of good cardio is swimming, because swimming gives you the full body workout and it burns those unwanted calories and fat right off. If you are only looking to lose fat and get into shape then you really don’t need to worry about any weight lifting just stick with the cardio and watch as the fat melts off as if you were frosty the snowman in the middle of summer.

Just be patient and consistent with your diet and your fitness activity and you will soon be looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, Dang im looking good! One last thing I wanted to mention is that if you are wanting to tone up the muscle a little bit in addition losing the fat by lifting weights, then be sure to do high reps. Do anywhere from 12-25 for each set you do. For more information on fat loss and muscle gains along with exercises and great programs please visit

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