Tattoo Designs For Women – Where to Find the Best Women’s Tattoos

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Many women these days choose a tattoo design that conveys a message or expresses the way they feel. It wasn’t too long ago that women would self consciously cover up their tattoo of a flower or name that was inked on their back or other part of the body. Today, tattoo designs for women have increased in popularity as more and more popular designs are made available to female consumers who proudly display their cute and sexy tattoo designs in more noticeable places so they can be seen and admired.

With the advanced styles and colors of tattoo designs for women there has been a big increase in what is available particularly in the area of custom tattoo designs. This has allowed consumers to look for and find the right look and feel of a tattoo that will suit them. By getting a cute tattoo design that makes you feel good and shows your feminine side will in turn give your confidence a boost, increase your sex appeal and make you stand out in a crowd. What you need to remember though is that a tattoo is for life so you need to be choosy and careful what design you choose.

I have found that the top 3 tattoo designs for women are flowers, butterfly and star designs. Flowers have for centuries been given as a gift or expression of love and have always been popular because of their symbolic association with beauty and passion. Butterfly tattoos have always been popular as a tattoo design because they convey a gently sense of peace and tranquility. Butterflies also have artistic appeal and look great when tattooed in bright colors. Star tattoos are another top choice and look eye-catching when inked on the body and can be an indication the wearer is looking to find her goal in life and can also mean a woman’s desire to shine and be a star or leading light.

Some of the other popular tattoo designs for women are unicorns, angels, fairies and dragonflys. You may want to know what is the most popular part of the body a girl can have a tattoo. Well it is a matter of choice but if you really want to know the answer is mostly on the lower back area and front side of the hips mostly because of the popularity of hip hugger jeans. Following closely behind are ankle tattoos and on the butt cheeks and belly button area.

There are now available online many top quality sites and tattoo galleries packed full of information and bursting with truly great tattoo designs for women. For example, you will be able to find without too much trouble large bold tattoos, hot and sexy tattoos and many other tattoo designs in a style that will please you.

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