Taking Control of Your Bespoke Tailoring Creation

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The main premise here is that you choose the fabric, the style features, and of course, the fit of your own bespoke suits. To speak or to claim for one’s self is, after all, the traditional essence of bespoke tailoring.

Simply put, as the client, you have total creative control of your own bespoke tailoring creation. If one may be melodramatic about it, you are the captain of your own ship while the master tailor and the master cutter are merely your sea crewmen.

So the first task at hand to get a control of your ship is to muddle through a selection of over a thousand of cloth materials. Assuming, of course, you have enough gold coins to even consider the finest of them all fabrics that have been amassed and shipped in from across the seven seas.

The master tailor may be put to work though in detailing to you the qualities and attributes of the threads that you have been eying for your bespoke suits and fitted shirts. There are a variety of options to be had including cottons, pinpoint, royal Oxford, end on end, twill, herring bone, classic stripes, fashion stripes, checks, to name just a few of the thousand selections housed in the garrets.

Aside from the types of fabrics, color must be likewise given a careful thought on the crafting of your shirts. One can go for vibrant shades like lemon yellow, emerald green, royal blue or the neutral pastel colors like lavender pink, baby powder blue, and earth tones like brown and khakis. And of course, there is that standard and staple colors like the crisp whites and ebony black shirts.

As the captain though, you must be the one to steer the course of your own journey in bespoke tailoring. To do this, you should know where you are going in the first place and what you want.

Moving along the journey though, you must select the desired features like the fit, collars, cuffs, sleeves, pockets, packets, monogram options, etc. for your bespoke shirts.

The fit of the shirt is also another important consideration because it must meet the lifestyle and personality of the wearer. Some of the body types that you may opt to include are the following: athletic, slim, regular and loose fits.

As mentioned though, the master tailor, who has years of experience and skillful knowledge under his belt, is there to give you insightful comments and suggestions and help you not become too overwhelmed by the process.

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