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The environment is getting more and more polluted each day. The governments of most countries are now looking very deeply into this, mainly due to the sharp climatic changes brought about by pollution. One of the major sources of pollution is the use of non bio degradable plastics as carry units. This, plastic carry units have been banned by the governments of most countries. But as shoppers, we find it very difficult to carry our stuff in paper units, especially if we are shopping at a mall. Paper units are not as strong as plastic units, and thus the amount of stuff that can be kept inside them is very limited. This makes shopping a tedious task, as we have to juggle many carrier units between our hands.

T shirt bags are an excellent way to counter this problem. They are eco friendly and a very convenient way to shop. All you need to do is to stitch the open side of a T shirt that you no longer want to wear. Then cut off the sleeves, and trim the edges. After you have turned the entire thing inside out, you will have made yourself a brand new T shirt bag. They look extremely stylish, and prove to the world that while you love style, you are not going to compromise with the environment’s health in the process.

While selecting a shirt for a T shirt bag, you must make sure that the quality is good and strong. Materials like silk, lace or crepe are a very bad ides since the bag will not be able to hold much, and may tear. You can instead use cut outs from old silk shirts and stitch them on top of your bag to give it an extra shiny look. The more you experiment with glitter, beads, sequins, and so on, the better the carry unit you will have.

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