Summer and Fall Hot New Fashions

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What is your style? Guys, are you more of a professional classy dresser or are you a hip hop skater type dresser? Ladies are you more of a conservative type dresser or do you like to show off your bodies but still look classy at the same time?

In this article I am going to tell you what I have noticed in the latest new fashions being worn today. I will also note what will be worn in the near future during the summer and fall fashion. First, I will address the guys that like the style of the professional classy category. I have noticed that polo’s and khaki shorts have always been the style for this category but I have noticed a difference in the way they are designed and worn. I have been noticing a lot of long sleeve colored shirts being worn with the sleeves rolled up as well as instead of buying khaki shorts I have seen a lot of khaki pants being cut into shorts. It seems that the extra short shorts are in this summer.

Also I have noticed a lot of v necks being worn with the new stylish pocket designs on them. Of course in the summer time tank tops are always in but I have noticed a trend of very bright colors. These colors include more than just your standard blue in red, and more like pink yellow and light blue. When it comes to parties and clubs vests with v neck or button ups has really been a hit this summer as well. Mostly solid blue and black vests are the most popular but switch it up if you’d like. Shoe styles are too hard to tell but I have been seeing a lot of brand made moccasins being worn and look alike chucks Taylors being the most stylish causal shoe.

Now when it comes the hip hop skater look for men, there is a lot to consider. Let’s talk about pants and jeans first. The new style for jeans is fitted jeans also known as skinny jeans. The most popular colors I have seen this summer are tan, white, blue and red combinations of caches and fitted jeans. As for shorts, I have been seeing a lot of new style shorts that look similar to swim trunks almost. They are adding a lot of patterns and designs to the shorts to make their style look unique as well. I have also seen a lot of plain cache shorts being worn as well. The most popular colors range from dark blue, black and tan.

T shirts and tanks are next. In this fashion style there have been a lot of unique designs of t shirts. Unfortunately there are too many styles to determine which is most popular but as for the top colors I was able to figure that part out. I have noticed that the most common colors are light blue, orange, black, and white. When it comes to hats, snapbacks are what everyone is wearing. I have noticed that the most popular hats are underground clothing artist in this category of fashion. For example a lot of people are wearing snapbacks that have sayings on them like high, boss, fame, and other hip new sayings like that. Sports team snapbacks are not really the style right now but you can be your own trendsetter and do what you want. I personally like sports hats and continue to wear them whether they are in style or not. Lastly underwear and socks are surprisingly in. Socks and underwear with clothing lines symbols or names printed all over them are now trendy and everyone seems to love it.

Now let’s switch over to the ladies style starting with the conservative fashion. I have noticed that a lot of high wasted jeans and skirts are really in this summer. Wearing cut t shirts with them but barely showing any stomach or cleavage is definitely one of the hottest looks today in the conservative fashion. Also long dresses with sandals and light accessories are also a hot new trend this summer. One piece bathing suits and bathing suits with strings hanging from the top are the new thing at every beach and pool this summer and I feel will be a hit for quite some time. A lot of vintage jackets, sweaters, and vests I have seen also to be hot at night time gathering, parties, and night clubs, etc.

When switching over to the not as conservative side there is a lot more things that are new out there. There are a lot of different types of slightly revealing dresses and shirts that are popular that are somewhat revealing but still classy at the same time. What I have noticed the most this summer is the high wasted shorts with short t shirts that show your belly button. This is one of the hottest looks walking at the beach, going to barbecue’s, and pool parties. When it comes to the club scene I have noticed a lot of dresses with see through tops that so some cleavage but still covers the private areas of the body but still look very fashionable and beautiful. I have also been noticing high heels with gold silver and white spikes on them. Color wise I have been seeing a lot of solid white black and murine colors for dresses and skirts. Accessories wise there is just a lot of bracelets rings and watches at one time. In my opinion its almost overdone but it definitely get the males attention so if that’s what you are looking for than that’s my advice. In this category it’s still hard to really tell what the real hottest fashion is but these are definitely some of the choices that are high up there.

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