Spruce Up a Kid Closet

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Children can accumulate more clothes than adults. They are constantly growing up and out of their clothing. Therefore, parents end up adding to their wardrobe in an effort to keep up with the seasonal needs of their growing child. New things make their way into the closet, but rarely do the old things find their way out. Clothes end up being stuffed further and further back on that hanging rod. It is time to take care of the clutter and invest in a closet makeover.

Revamping a closet does not necessarily take a lot of time or money. You can invest in intricately designed closet organizing systems if you would like. These can include built in shoe racks, multiple hanging bars, baskets, shelves and drawers. But sometimes you may not have upwards of one thousand dollars to invest in your child’s closet. Here are a few solutions to make your kid’s closet interesting, trendy, organized and most of all, usable.

You can make use of very little space with a little elbow grease. First, you want to empty the closet and give away any clothes that have been outgrown or will be outgrown by the time the next season for it rolls around. Also get rid of clothes, shoes or coats that you child simply does not ever want to wear. There is no use keeping it around if they do not like it. Once you get your inventory down to a manageable level, estimate how many items need to be actually hung. Dresses, suits and coat should always be hung. Many children have very few of these and using the entire closet to hang them is a huge waste of a usable space. Purchase an adjustable bar so that you can customize the size down to only what you need.

Next, take measurements of the inside of the closet. You will need height, width and depth. Make a drawing of the closet you have in mind. Include shelving where you can keep baskets. Reserve one or two longer shelves where you can stack jeans, shorts and t-shirts. You may even want to lay out stacks of your child’s clothing to determine how long of a shelf you will need. Buy sanded wood planks that can be used as shelves in the closet. Most lumber places will cut the boards to your specifications free of charge. 2×4 boards make wonderful, inexpensive, sturdy braces for the shelves. Simply drill screws through the 2×4 into a stud behind the wall. Create a place for the shelf and place it on top. You can secure the shelf with screws or leave it loose. If you leave it loose, you can create an adjustable closet system that grows with your child.

The last step is to put baskets on the smaller shelves. Here you can store hair accessories, socks and underwear, basically eliminating the need for a dresser in the room. Investing in some higher quality childrens clothes hangers can really spruce up a boring closet and increase the longevity of your child’s clothes.

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