Special Occasion Dresses: Choose A Qipao To Stand Out From The Crowd

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We’ve all seen pictures of beautiful Chinese women wearing gorgeous qipaos. These are the ultimate in special occasion dresses in the East and are famed for their luscious silk and graceful image.

Although a Qipao seems very exotic to Western girls, it can in fact be worn at many occasions, and is in Asia! You’ll see them worn at weddings, work, parties and every other kind of occasion you can think of if you travel to the Orient. Therefore, by being a little daring and choosing a qipao you can really stand out at your next party, as they are probably the one special occasion dress that most girls won’t think to wear in the West.

We spend so much time looking for that ‘special dress’ that will make us stand out, but the answer has been staring us in the face all of this time!

Among all the dresses in the world, the qipao would probably win the prize of the classiest, sexiest and most difficult to wear. Wearing a qipao is more than wearing a regular dress. It carries a world of exoticism and history.

But let’s be honest. This dress won’t fit everybody. You don’t need to be a model, but you do need a slim, yet feminine body shape. However, if you do manage to wear it well, rest assured that you will be remembered for a while. If you wear a qipao then people will keep remarking on it. They are some of those dresses people won’t forget.

Qipaos come in many different colors and patterns. They can be formal or a perfect choice for a colorful party.

If you’re willing to push the fantasy a little further, here is a quick review of the colors’ meanings in the traditional Chinese culture:

Red is considered as the color of happiness and luck. It is the traditional color for weddings, and sometimes for the Chinese New Year.

Black is the color of heaven and is sometimes used in funerals.

White represents purity and is also the color for mourning.

Blue symbolizes immortality. Dark blue can also be seen at funerals.

Green is the color of prosperity and harmony.

Yellow is the most beautiful color in the Chinese tradition. It symbolizes gold and is frequently associated with red. It means power and freedom.

There is no need to take all these in consideration to pick your color, but it can certainly add to the magic.

Once you’ve decided on the color of your dress, you can choose the length.

Long and shorter qipaos will have a completely different effect.

A long qipao will appear very sophisticated. It is the choice of honor for evening receptions, weddings, and prom nights.

A shorter version can be worn at daytime, for a dinner with friends, for a fancy date or even at work. Some dresses also offer alternatives to the traditional shape of the dress. That’s how you can find pieces that are completely open in the back or some that will not reveal your legs.

What about the pattern?

Nowadays, the qipao is setting free from the traditional flowers, birds and dragons, and we can see more modern styles appearing. Some even feature very psychedelic designs and colors, making it the dress for all occasions!

I would recommend that every woman try at least once one of those fantastic dresses. As a China-based friend of mine once said: ‘When men see a woman in a qipao, they can’t help but stare. It’s the only dress that they would like off a woman, but won’t dare touch because a woman in a qipao is just beautiful.’ Powerful, huh?

Just because a qipao is a more exotic type of occasions dress it doesn’t mean that you need to pay the world to get one even if you are far from China! Log on to the internet and do a search for them and you’ll be surprised to see that even silk qipaos can be purchased for pretty reasonable prices as long as you are willing to wait for delivery from the East!

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