Slumber Party Ideas That Kids Love

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If you’re a parent of a pre-teenager or adolescent, you probably know from experience that slumber parties are a big deal for kids. They look forward to them for days and often remember them for years. While a slumber party may be a bit of a sacrifice for the adults, in terms of lost sleep, diminished privacy, and a disruption of the usual routine, the advantages to your child often outweigh the short-term inconvenience of being woken up by midnight giggling. Slumber parties not only help kids solidify friendships, but they also get to have bedtime rules relaxed for one night.

Among the challenges of allowing your child to host a sleepover in your home is helping them come up with slumber party ideas that will be fun and memorable, but not expensive or too messy. One component of many slumber parties is a carefully chosen craft activity, which needs to be both age appropriate and, of course, gender appropriate. Most kids enjoy the creativity of crafts, especially if it involves something cool that they can wear, use, or otherwise show off.

A trip to your local craft store will provide many of the slumber party ideas and supplies you need to keep the kids entertained for an hour or two; but shopping for your slumber party needs on the Internet can be faster and easier – especially if you start out your search with one or two unique slumber party ideas in mind.

T shirt painting can be a fun idea for a sleepover, but unless your kid’s friends are a bunch of ‘neatniks”, there will probably be a big mess for you to clean up at the end of the evening (or tomorrow morning). One solution to that problem is to buy an adequate supply of colorful, non-toxic fabric markers that leave a minimal mess and dry in minutes, rather than hours. If you pick that activity, you might want to consider including some bright neon fabric markers, too, which can make the creative process even more enjoyable for the kids.

Virtually No Limit on Possible Slumber Party Themes

Not only can you buy pre-designed, ready-to-color t-shirts, tote bags, and pillowcases with popular themes, such as sports, music, and camping, but you can also get holiday-themed craft items for a pre-Halloween, Easter, Chanukah, or Christmas sleepover party.

As you can imagine, this concept of creating wearable art does not have to be limited to slumber parties. It’s also a fun thing to do at a birthday party, a camping trip, or as a Girl Scout craft activity. Whether the theme of your planned party is based on pirates, aliens, peace and love, recycling, the Wild West, or ‘girl power’, this unique coloring activity will help make your kids’ birthday party or slumber party a big success.

Although the “typical” slumber party may consist of activities ranging from video games and movies to cooking and playing dress up, a craft idea, such as coloring t-shirts, pillow cases, or tote bags, always contributes to the fun of the event.

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