Signs of a Cheating Husband – How Do I Know My Husband is Cheating on Me?

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When suspicion takes a foothold you’ll find yourself looking under rocks, searching pockets, and constantly scouting for signs of a cheating husband. It’s one of those fears that no woman wants to have but so many are faced with year after year.

It also seems to be a growing problem with more than 60% of people in a committed relationship admitting to have cheated. Compared to years past the number is either growing or a greater number of people are admitting to having cheated.

That doesn’t necessarily mean your husband is going to cheat on you. According to statistics, nearly half of that 60% is comprised of women. This means that more than half of all married men do remain faithful to their wives. The odds are in your favor.

But, what are the signs of a cheating husband you should be on the lookout for?

The Usual Suspects

There are a few signs that you’ll hear quite a bit about as you dive into this topic.

  • You find lipstick (or other cosmetics) on his shirt collar.
  • You catch a rather strong whiff of another woman’s perfume when he comes home.
  • He seems to have a constant supply of excuses not to come home at night.
  • He’s working a lot of long hours but seems to be bringing home even less money.
  • You find mysterious charges on bank statements and/or credit card bills.

One of these may or may not be cause for concern. Many of these is pretty compelling evidence that further investigation is needed.

Digging a Little Deeper for Signs of a Cheating Husband

Other signs you can count on that your husband, at the very least, has something to hide include the following:

  • He has recently changed his computer passwords so that you no longer have access to his online accounts.
  • He’s taking calls in another room with the frequency of a super spy or someone with a top secret job.
  • He has installed privacy measures on his computer or laptop so that you can’t view his computer screen when you walk up behind him.
  • He’s spending an unprecedented amount of time chatting or playing online.

How do I know My Husband is Cheating on Me?

Knowing for certain means you either catch him in the act or gather some pretty compelling evidence. Here are a few options you might want to consider.

1) Monitor his online activity with a key logging program to find out what he’s saying and who he’s saying those things to.

2) Hire a private investigator to find out where he’s really going during those long hours away from home.

3) Confront him with your suspicions and the evidence you’ve uncovered. He will either deny everything and you’ll be no better off than you are now unless your internal lie detector is sending out warning bells and whistles, get angry and go on the offensive, be genuinely hurt that you’d ever think he could do such a thing, or admit everything because he feels really guilty and wants to get it off his chest.

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