Should Girls Be Under So Much Pressure to Be Thin?

Girls are under a lot of pressure these days to be extra thin. In fact, it got to the point where girls are doing unhealthy things to their bodies in order to remain thin. They want to feel attractive, and it’s pretty hard not to considering all the movie stars have to be this way. It’s sad but true, and it is turning into a bit of an epidemic. Did it all start with movie stars though? Or has it been something that has been looming for very long time?

Well, the fact is that ever since the dawn of time people have always wanted to fit in. People always want to fit in, and it just turns out that in our current society sitting in means feeling attractive. This is especially true for girls, which is why that directly ties into losing a lot of weight. However, why the change? In the past, a large voluptuous woman used to be considered attractive. Now, it has gotten to the point where women will do anything to be bone thin.

However, thanks to movie stars starting to embrace their bodies, it is getting back to more manageable levels. Women are starting to appreciate the way they live and if their living a healthy lifestyle, including eating right, exercising regularly, and staying away from drugs, then their body is in fine shape. It doing these things, then they’ll be in great shape. Granted, they may not look as thin as they wanted to, but they will be much healthier overall.

Another thing to consider is the fact that what is popular is cyclical. What I mean by this is that things go from being unpopular to popular and back again. What is popular one day might not be popular the next day or next year. I have a feeling that healthy full figured women will be the next big thing.

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