School Girl Costumes – Bring Back the Fun and Innocence

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There is just something about school girl costumes that brings back the innocence of our younger days when one’s first kiss was a journey of discovery. And what a discovery it turned out to be!

You may have fallen in love with your first love when you were but a little girl in pigtails, with cute schoolgirl uniform and knee-high socks. You anticipated the excitement of meeting your crush in the school corridors, just like how you gleefully anticipate the sensual pleasures that await you as an adult today.

Who can resist the allure of a fully grown woman with all the right curves in a sexy schoolgirl costume? You will exude a certain girlish innocence coupled with womanly wiles that even the stereotypical French maid costume cannot rival.

The beauty of school girl costumes is that they come in many styles from the Japanese schoolgirl to the more exotic convent-educated young girl. You just need to choose which costume suits your fantasy, add in the right accessories like frilly pens, and then let your imagination go wild.

For example, you can play teacher and student with your guy in a sex education classroom. You may embellish the room with all the accouterments of an educational setting like tables and chairs, pens and pencils, even rulers. You should use these accessories in creative ways.

School girl costumes appear as if the world has run out of fabric and, hence, they are very far from your old uniform in grade school. Your attire will consist of a short skirt reaching your mid-thigh, a sexy blouse exposing your cleavage and midriff, and stiletto heels accentuating your long legs.

In short, Mother Superior will be seeing red but your red-blooded man will be seeing an exciting night ahead whether at an adult costume party or in the bedroom! Now, that is one truly exciting night where your being a woman is the greatest thing on Earth!

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