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Sports lovers rejoice! If you or someone you love finds themselves constantly surfing channels looking for their favorite team on Sundays, the NFL Sunday Ticket may be the answer to all of their TV programming woes. Most games are not accessible without this premium package, and it ensures that never a weekend will go by with missed plays.

Imagine having access to 200 NFL games every weekend! Enjoy a quiet day at home without searching for the nearest establishment offering the game on their system. No one likes perusing into the cold winter weather in search for their favorite team – with this sports package, it’s always available in the comfort of your own home!

Features included in the premium package are the NFL Network, which gives you 24/7 access to news, game previews, coaches’ press conferences, fantasy football, game replays, and live games during the pre-season. Satellite TV also offers the “Player Tracker”, which allows you to select your favorite players and track their accomplishments throughout the day.

Up to 18 players may be selected through the tracker, and subscribers will also receive alerts of “Big Plays” for the players. These sought-after alerts are available on all of the ticket channels, for both standard and high-definition.

The interactive satellite TV receiver allows you to access player and team stats, in addition to scores and updates from other games without ever having to change the channel. Pregame shows are also included in the package, so you can watch the coaches’ declarations about the upcoming match.

Adding the Super Fan option to the ticket package allows the ultimate in game experiences. This feature allows you to view up to 8 games at once, track the biggest plays as they happen, watch up to 12 games per week, and have the option to stream any live game to your PC.

Sports fans no longer need to access Internet updates or travel to a local establishment to catch their favorite games and players in action. Watching their favorite programs from the comfort of their own home is within reach with the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Premium sports and movies packages are the perfect gift idea, too. Avid movie-goers and sports fans actually find that subscribing to these premium packages is a great money-saving idea, when compared to the cost of constantly going out to find their desired entertainment.

Premium subscriptions also give you the option of inviting friends and family to partake in your weekly sports events. Play the hero by offering programs that no other provider will be able to serve your loved ones! These packages, when combined with the technology of the newest high-definition televisions, provide a never-before-seen quality and clarity of your favorite programs!

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