Samsung Armani – The Mobile Phone For People Who Care For Style

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All around the world mobile phone companies have started to relate their phones to names which have become icons for luxury. In this newfangled designer mobile phone market’ Samsung has launched its player under the moniker of Samsung Armani. The company from far east has tied up with the legendary designer for this phone. Looks wise the phone lives up to the reputation and expectation from the name of Armani. Its sleek body and curves as well as black shell make it look like a piece of luxury.

The Samsung Armani is a 2G phone. It is not designed to be a high speed data connectivity device. Instead the main purpose of the company while designing this phones was to make heads turn by sheer looks. With a big bright and gorgeous TFT touch screen that takes most of the space on the front panel, the company seems to have been pretty successful in this area. This is a 2.6 inch diagonal screen that has QVGA resolution of 240 pixels width and 320 pixels height. The screen can display 250,000 colors.

This is a very sleek phone. It is just above 10 mm thick. The exact dimensions of the Samsung Armani are 87.5 x 54.5 x 10.5 mm. This means that you would not have a lot of problem carrying the phone and it would easily sit in your shirt pocket without causing too much protrusion. The company was even able to keep this phone very light. It weighs just 85 grams. The primary cause of this is that the phone is a 2G only device. There is no support for 3G connection nor for any WLAN connectivity.

Other than this you get support for Bluetooth 2.0 and A2DP so you can stream stereo music to Bluetooth headsets. The phone has 60 MB storage capacity on board and it comes with a MicroSD card slot so you can have more storage capacity.

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