Retail Stores Can Benefit From Using Quality Fabric Shirt Hangers

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With today’s selection of fabric shirt hangers, clothing store owners, designers and celebrities will find that maintaining the quality of clothing is an easy task.

Fabric hangers eliminate the risk of damages that other hangers may leave on delicate clothing. Low-quality wood, acrylic, or metal hangers which were not smoothed and treated with a finishing solution properly may have a surface that can harm garments, putting retailers at a huge disadvantage.

Ideal for lingerie and other delicate types of clothing, fabric hangers are designed to provide the proper care for the said garments while they are on display or in storage. In addition, as there are certain hanger manufacturers that offer customization options, retailers can make these hangers fit the color theme and decor of the store, or have them complement the clothing that hangs from them. Aside from holding the garments in place, finely crafted hangers also add a luxurious and elegant touch, which can boost the appeal of a retail store.

Also, padded fabric hangers now come with a variety of features that make them efficient for hanging not only delicate shirts and lingerie, but an array of garments as well. End-hooks, S-type hooks, insert clips, and dowel bars, are no longer limited to the traditional wood or metal hangers. Today, one can find fabric hangers with such add-ons, making the product efficient for hanging pants, skirts, and even elaborate articles of clothing.

Further, retailers can also request a hanger manufacturer to try different types of cloth material for their fabric shirt hangers. Choices include satin, velvet, and linen, which all provide extra protection for clothing while offering an opulent look.

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