Remove Underarm Sweat Stains – 4 Effective Ways to Remove Sweat Stains

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Remove underarm sweat stains easily with a few proven methods. Who would want to have shirts with embarrassing sweat stain patches on the armpits? You couldn’t certainly go on a day without lifting an arm. You may opt to wear sleeveless shirts but that would appear non-professional at work unless you are a car mechanic or a lifeguard at the beach.

Most people would grab a chlorine bleach to solve their sweat stains. That seems as a smart thing to do but you are being advised that it’s not the way to go. The chlorine component in bleach reacts with the protein in sweat by causing the stains to darken even more. You will end up with a mustard colored underarm part of your clothes from the pale yellow, almost unnoticeable stain.

Here are a few stain removal buddies to help remove underarm sweat stains:

Detergent – Liquid laundry detergent works best with sweat stains. Get one that has oxygenated powers that concentrates well with protein based stains such as grass or food stains. Pour a sufficient amount of undiluted liquid laundry detergent directly on the stains and leave for 30 minutes. Wash it after and air dry.

Sun – Let your clothes with sweat stains sit under the sun for a full afternoon. Treat it first with a full strength laundry detergent. Check your clothing regularly and keep it damp by spraying it with water. Wash it as usual. This can be done with all kinds of stain on clothing.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide has many uses and one of which is removing sweat stains. It works like bleach on fabrics so use extreme caution when putting in colored clothes. You can use a half and half solution with water. Pour the solution on the stain and let it seep through the fabric for 30 minutes, if the stain is still persistent, soak for another 30 minutes with a concentrated solution by adding more hydrogen peroxide.

Vinegar and Water – Vinegar can also be used for treating sweat stains. If you find hydrogen peroxide to be too abusive for your clothes, a tablespoon of white vinegar and a half-cup of water work as a better alternative. Soak the affected area for 20-35 minutes until the stain vanishes.

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