Red Cashmere Cardigan

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The red cashmere cardigan is an item in the closet that helps both men and women make a very bold statement. To purchase one of these means that you are trying to stand out. The right red cardigan paired with the right outfit will attract the attention of anyone you want.

For men, this cashmere cardigan is a great way to show how confident you are. Only men who are very confident with themselves can wear red. If you are even more confident, purchase a pink or purple cardigan, however, don’t feel pressure to do so. A red cardigan is a bold enough statement.

When matching the red cardigan, men should wear it with darker jeans or darker slacks. While it is passable with tan slacks or lighter pants, it looks a lot better paired with something darker. Dark blue jeans or black trousers both work. Underneath, wear a button down shirt. A casual t-shirt can work if the cardigan is more fitted and trendy looking. If the cardigan is more conservative, stick with a button down shirt. When wearing the cardigan make sure that it is buttoned up. The buttoned up look will make the cardigan look more like a cashmere sweater, but that is sort of the effect you are looking for. An open non-buttoned up cardigan will tend to make you look dowdy. A buttoned up cardigan will help to accentuate the lines of your body. Also, when purchasing the cardigan make sure it fits well, but it isn’t too tight. One that is too tight will tend to bunch up when you sit down, while one that is too loose is just unflattering.

For women, the red cashmere cardigan is a great piece to accent her wardrobe. It makes her stand out a bit and brightens up a more neutral wardrobe. Women should think about purchasing one if they want to add color to their wardrobes or if they want a piece that will help them catch the eye of certain people. It has been shown that red is a color that is more attractive to men, regardless of how the woman looks. A woman wearing a red cardigan will definitely stand out.

When purchasing the red cardigan, women should also look for something that fits. She may want to consider something slightly trendy, but don’t forget that it needs to be figure flattering. When buttoned, the cardigan should fit a woman, not too snugly, but still fit well. It should definitely not be loose, but it should not be too tight either or their will be holes in between the buttons from the cardigan stretching out. Also, when wearing the cardigan, pair it with something neutral in color, but a bit more form flattering since a cardigan should never be too tight. Therefore, you want to show off other parts of your body by wearing clothes that are more fitted such as tight jeans, leggings, even a pencil skirt.

A red cashmere cardigan is an excellent clothing choice for men and women as long as they purchase one that fits right and pair it with the right clothes.

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