Rampage Fighter Leaves for Bellator

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson now has an official new home for his mixed martial arts career, ever since he signed with Bellator MMA. The acrimonious sister organization of the much more successful UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) was eager to snatch up the former Light Heavyweight leader as soon as his contract with the UFC was up.

According to leaks from email to BR MMA, Spike TV, “Rampage” Jackson has signed an exclusive contract with the company and possibly Bellator to fight later this year under its logo and advertising brands – in fact, Rampage has already soundly beaten two opponents as of the time of this writing. Both Joey Beltran and M’Pumbu have fallen to those vaunted hands, with King Mo Lawal possibly next on the list of victims or maybe victor. Spike TV announced that it has also signed a contract with the fighter to participate in both MMA and professional wrestling. Recall that Bellator is the second largest promoter of U.S. MMA fights, making it just a small step down from the UFC, despite the difference between the organizations in overall revenue.

Some of the terms of the contract include the image rights of his fights, which will be owned by Spike TV and TNA Wrestling Organization, as well as Bellator’s promise that Rampage will be allowed to take advantage of big-screen opportunities – should they arise. Recall his turn as Mr. T in the movie remake of the A-Team, and the extra success and renown that Jackson has been able to secure from that.

With this new speculation about where this legendary fighter after the UFC would open the door for him to leave is over. Jackson, 34, left the UFC earlier this year amid complained about his treatment by the Las Vegas based promotion regularly. Rampage joined the UFC in 2007 and won the light heavyweight title in the organization, by knocking out Chuck Liddell. He also defeated Dan Henderson to unify the UFC and Pride titles Fighting Championship. But after losses to Jon Jones, Ryan Bader and Glover Teixeira the company decided to dispense with his services.

With a professional record of 32-11 (7-5 in the UFC) Jackson begins this new journey trying to have more luck with Bellator than he had with UFC where he was falling from the top to less important positions and dropping in the rankings.

Now, he has the opportunity to start again but always with the threat that if something goes wrong, there may no longer be a third opportunity for him. “Rampage” will have to respect this time because of all the clauses of the new contract; in particular, the clause that has always cost him the most: coaching. For everyone knows that this man is very anarchist and dislikes meeting their mandatory trainings which obliges the contract, which impacts not only his physical form but also the image of the sponsor.

Ultimately, true fans of the Black Samurai – as Rampage used to be called by the loyal Japanese fans of PRIDE – will likely stick with the charismatic fighter even in his new venue, and look forward to seeing him ferociously knock people out like he did earlier in his career.

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