Ralph Lauren Continues Tradition

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One of the most famous and high-profile designers, (like I even need to mention that), Ralph Lauren, is staying true to his tradition. The brand is remaining steadfast to its sub-brands despite the year’s economic downturn according to piece by Jean Scheidnes on portfolio.com.

The RL style

As of Jean’s reporting, one of the elements Ralph stays true to is having a sharp silhouette. Now those of you who’ve read my fitting series know that an uninterrupted silhouette all the way down is a huge element helping us de-emphasize being short.

Another element RL has stayed with is a monochromatic look. Also he brings back for the year the three piece suit. Now I’m not really one for the three piece, but a lot of men are still wearing them with sense of great style. For me being among the shorter demographic, I think it’s way too busy and heavy a look. Now some shorter guys might be able to pull it off without being overpowered, but I don’t think I could.

Color Purple

RL’s Purple Label still endures as one of his most traditional luxury lines of clothing. It started out with made-to-measure tailoring, interestingly enough. Ralph is quoted as saying, “Purple Label is classically the most sophisticated. It has an international quality. This could be Italian, it could be French”.

RL’s Black

Ralph’s Black Label is another well noted line under his name. It sports a more modern look having a definite sleekness. He describes the Black Label as, “contemporary and somewhat technical”.

New Polo

There are two new Polo suit silhouettes. One of them has what they call a wide-notch lapel coupled with trim flat-front pants. The second has rolled shoulders. These three piece suits that, I alluded to above, can sport striped dress shirts and wide club ties. Again for us shorter guys, wider ties and ties with heavy stripes and patterns are no good. That look is too easy to overpower. We want to maintain a streamlined image and silhouette which helps the illusion.

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